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    Default Tips to Last Longer In Bed and Making Sex Better

    Quick disclaimer: This post does not include any medical (medicines, operations) advice. I'm not a doctor and I don't know you in person, so I can't give you that kind of advice. It's just a small guide to last longer in bed based on my experience and some research.

    Some of these tips might seem obvious but I think they're actually overlooked. Anyways, let's get started.


    So... You finally got that hot girl in your bed. But now you're thinking "what if I come too quick and ruin the fun?"

    Well, I'm here to help you to prevent that.

    Right Mindset

    First off, thinking about coming early is a false mindset. You should never focus too much on the guy down below right before sex or while having sex. Instead, you should focus on making your girl reach orgasm, on her body, on the whole experience. Trust me, it's more enjoyable when she screams hard.

    And noticing that her man is making her happy, she will devote herself to you, she will work hard to make YOU happy. So, hold her firmly and reward her by making her happy.

    Be Confident (You should have seen this one coming, lol.)

    I can't stress this enough. Nervousness might be the number one reason why guys ejaculate prematurely. You can be nervous if it's the first time with that girl or if it's your first time at all. But actually, there are absolutely no reasons to be nervous.

    We push you to be confident in yourself while picking girls up. So why shouldn't you be confident also, while having sex?

    Remember your first ever approaches or first k-close. You were probably hella nervous. But you sucked it up, pulled the trigger and succeeded. Now is the same. Man up and don't be afraid to fark her brains out.

    While having sex (Relax relax relax )

    Above was kinda the "inner game" of sex. Now onto the "outer game"...

    - Do not skip foreplay. Foreplay makes you get relaxed and get used to the situation while getting her engines warmed up. Why the rush anyway? Kissing her, playing with her should be fun as much. You're afraid that she'll get bored and pull LMR on you? Don't worry, once her engines are hot, she'll never want to stop.

    - Take deep and slow breaths. I know you'll be excited and your heart will beat out of your chest but focus on your breaths. It makes you relaxed and distracts you a little bit off of sex so you can last longer.

    - If you feel like you're getting aroused too quickly, stop going too deep. Say, don't go deeper than halfway inside. It will take some of the stimulation off your penis and buy you couple more minutes. Don't worry about your girl not enjoying your "half strokes". The vagina is packed up with nerve endings so she will still enjoy it very much.

    - 7 fast 9 slow. I discovered this pretty recently. What you do is, you make 7 fast strokes, then 9 slow strokes, and on, and on... This little trick somehow keeps you relaxed and keeps her guessing with its unusual rhythm. This baby fired up my stamina and I can last 10-15 mins longer now.

    - Don't be hesitant to pull it out when you feel like you're getting too close. No one is gonna question you. You can still keep her occupied by kissing, licking, rubbing, etc.

    - Change positions often. This prevents you from focusing too much on one circumstance and keeps things interesting and fun. Don't be afraid to try new things.

    - Share the workload. You don't have to do all the job. Giving her the lead at times shouldn't be terrible. Let her take your clothes off. Let her put the condom on. Let her ride while she's on top. I assure you, it's way better and relaxed when you share the lead.

    - Don't hesitate to talk to her or make some sounds which indicates that you're enjoying sex. Of course, I don't mean long talks lol. Just use soundbites. Like: "That's it.", "You like it don't you?" This one will make you relaxed as well. And trust me, no girl likes a dead silent guy while having sex.

    Last bits

    Build your stamina up by eating healthy and going to the gym. Doing some sports will kick your testosterone levels higher, so you can do multiple rounds. I can do up to 3 rounds and it's 3 times better.

    Some people say masturbating couple hours before sex makes them last longer bed. I haven't tried this yet but it sounds plausible. Give it a try.


    That's all folks! Hope it becomes useful. Feel free to comment and add more tips.
    It's not about who I was or who I'm going to become.

    It's about who I am. Do it right here, right now.

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    Default Re: Tips to Last Longer In Bed and Making Sex Better

    I thought I'd share a couple tips of my own. When your starting feel close to coming (not the super extremely good part when you can barely hold it, but the rising pleasure right before that) thrust in really deep, hold it there, and try to think of something that will turn you off (trust me you won't get turned off, it'll just take your impulse to come away) and once it goes away continue like before. Trust me, the girl will like it, because they'll end up trying to fuck you back but respond to this by holding their ass tightly to your pelvis so she can't move it. If she moves too much or the pressure is too much, pull out from here and wait for it to go away. I've been doing this since my first time and I can last however long I want, I have gotten to an hour before, but I always need to stop because the girl starts to hurt from it being too long. I suggest not reaching that point your first time with that girl, as she may be bored and you might not be able to finish before tells you enough is enough. I'd say 10-20 minutes is best for the first time and if your in a committed relationship or have done it multiple times, then you can try to push her limits as to how long to go.

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