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    Default The PUA journey: Gym, tatts, and new game plan

    Get my first tatt on Friday. On a cut right now to prep for Summer. Amused at all the people going out on FB all the time in the Winter. I did that last year. Spent tons of money going out in Winter and was broke for Summer. Not again I told myself.

    Going tanning this Summer. First outing will be with my wing at St Paddy's Parade. But I didn't want to go just teaching him and giving him practice before Summer. But I am taking Summer seriously. Laughing to myself at all these lame tatts people are getting kinda embarrassing. Why would you spend $200 on a lame piece to save money? I'm spending $450 for my piece and didn't cut any corners. It's not small in a good spot on my inner bicep and it will look gorgeous.

    Reading MM's & Neil Strauss's book while I wait. Blog is up but no posts till Spring and then Summer will be the constant blogging with all the massive approaching.

    Not sure but mostly just having a good ole time working on my Outer Game. Granted I will be posting the differences now that I joined a Gym and getting a tatt opposed to a skinny guy when I started. Now the Gym is my love but soon I'll be ready to be back in action.

    But you can bet your arse off if I kept going out (I stopped last August Mid- Summer) I would be broker than broke and unable to get any kind of tatt but still beating my head on a brick wall of validation. So despite my urges I forced myself to focus on my body, getting my tatt, getting better clothes, getting stuff paid off, etc. Still struggling but doing a lot better.

    My old target a HB10 looks less attractive everyday even with a fake rack. Wondering how these changing tastes will pan out. Because of this plan a lot of my stuff is caught up. So come Summer I won't be juggling tons of clothes, games, movies cuz I'll have that sorted out prior. Last year my Day 2 wanted a Day 3 on an extensive weekend trip but I pulled the plug as money constraints killed me I couldn't take time off to go on a vacation with her I wanted to stay and work 60 hours a week. And I did. So next Summer I'll have time off available and I'll be ready to work less so more things can happen if need be.
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