After being on this forum and experimenting i have decided to put out my research work and realizations out here.

It must be very very hard going through the pain of seducing women i mean the rejection one faces.At first before they figure bit initially.

When you get a girl the challege of keeping her attention.this is not covered even though once you read my guide you would come to note a bit of observations about these things.Personally i don't focus on that.

How to create attraction.Contrary to the few beilef hardrock is actually posting my way of piquing a girls interest.Many people on this forum have this one its issue.Av been dealing with mine a bit now.

The narrow approach boyfriend destroyer technique.How to steal a mans girl instaneously?.i did this to a girl my friend and the girls always wanted to hang and could never stop till she got me on the phone, all we did was have a charged convo and a little more.some people have been reading my post and think you apply the boyfriend destroyer technique and then ask her depends on the dynamic.never be afraid to ask questions as usual.BF technique has it loopholes. search for it point is if you nail your game properly..that said you may check out that thread.nothing against.improve skills more

And a whole lot more.will let you in one what happenend with that friend.i was young and also looking to try.something happened you wont believe.
He had met the girl that day.

You might be thinking this is some rehased be honest theres nothing new or not but then experience is gold.ZERO Fluff straight to the point.

if you are new to this forum may read the newbie guide then return here.

Your initiation begins..