1.) day-game is different from club/bar game. I still stand by my response, that you're making it tougher on yourself & that I think it's stupid.
Day-game, you could potentially pull it off. But you'd have more fun & better luck running around like Santa Claus or something more socially acceptable, telling girls that you need there help because Mrs. Claus is being a b1tch.

You can say embarrassing shit and get away with it as long as you don't care. As long as you're super confident about it, you can pretty much say whatever you want.
Pretty much applies to everything you say in life, & I do it all the time.
Girls will ask me how I'm doing, & I'll reply "tired, I just got into a fight with an evil raccoon behind the dumpster out back, little guy almost kicked my ass." Just because it's playful, and fun and I just don't care about "Fluff talk" questions like she's giving me or her approval.

2.) that is true, you can approach other groups, but why do that as a ninja? Do that in nice clothes or something that fits your personality. You'll find more quality girls that way.
People won't hate you, they'll think your weird. Big difference.
& why hide behind a mask? Grow a pair & do it and be vulnerable without the crazy outfit. You'll feel better about yourself.
Are you going to be a ninja every time you go out? If yes, then whatever, do what you want.
I'm not trying to argue and have a pissing contest with you, just help you so that's my opinion.