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Thread: LL1 Mastery By Isolation

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    Default LL1 Mastery By Isolation

    Ello my beasties. I wanted to start some threads about some cool life lessons ive learned through car sales and pickup. I'm going to avoid topics gone over by other puas and keep all my shit original. This is mainly for me so if you have some advice for me on how to do this, FUCK YOU.

    lol just kidding advice and some constructive criticism would be cool.

    Mastery By Isolation

    First This shit is for Intermediates. If your a newb dont read this cuz youll just use this as an excuse to be lazy. DONT FUCKING READ THIS. IM CERIAL ASS FUCK.

    This is actually something I've learned both from the book mastery by george leonard and through personal experience in working out, car sales and pimping it over the past 2 years.

    When you are trying to master multiple to many things at once you begin to lack to intense focus to master your chosen field. Don't get me wrong its often nessacary in certain parts of life to work in multiple fields at once to further your life standing and build willpower.

    But if you truly want to master something, put aside everything that drains mental power and focus on that one thing till you get it to the level of mastery you deem fit and switch over to another field.
    "I've never seen anyone pull as quickly or as efficiently as you"
    -HarryRat(Simplepicku p)

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    Default Re: LL1 Mastery By Isolation

    ah, yes. focused willpower is a very powerful tool.

    focusing all of your willpower on one task can definitely fast track your success. (we've all read about how neal struass plunged into the world of pua and became a master in a fairly short period of time, roughly 2 years)

    however, sometimes it also pays to take a step back and catch your breath.

    usually if I'm not having much success one night, its because I'm sarging too hard. (as in direct approaching every girl in the night club cause I'm really horny)
    in cases like that, I usually have to back off and stop sarging for a day or two till I'm in a different mood.

    but you are on to something, if someone really wants to fast track their career, the best way to do that is to focus on work and kissing @ss to all the higher ups at their job place.

    and the best way to fast track your success with women is to make more time in your schedule to go talk to them.

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