HEY KINFOOOOOLK, I'm throwing another idea out that helped me work 60 hours a week all while hitting the gym, gaming and maintaining a healthy rotation. All successful people have it.

The Cure To Mental Fatigue LL2

We've all had the job where we have dragged our feet in and out of the door. Where at the end of the day you've wanted nothing more than to collapse into your bed. You didn't exert your body and yet your exhausted. There is one reason for this.

You as a human have a finite ammount of willpower. Like a muscle it fatigues and tears as you use it. When you force yourself to get out of the bed early. When you eat greens or you suffer a conversation with a guy who does nothing but annoy you. As you do these things it gets harder and harder to use it.You will try and fight it but it will crush you as the weight of it builds. Over time your will can grow but how do you handle it now, even side skirt the problem. Let me fill you in.

To not exert any willpower you have to brainwash yourself into liking what ever it is that burns you up. See the pros, ignore the cons and glorify it. Your not a salesman coming onto a car lot, your a warrior coming to sharpen his mind on a battlefield designed to improve your social skills. Only the best such as yourself have patience for meditation. Anything you find hard, brainwash yourself into loving it.You'll find that you won't only have energy but maybe even more than when you went off to do that pesky chore. This is the same reason extroverts gain energy in social situations and introverts don't. Love anything that pushes you towards your life goal. PEACE!