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Thread: Dear Nerdy Nice Guy...

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    Default Dear Nerdy Nice Guy...

    This is a letter to the nerdy 'nice guy', frustrated with women.

    I have fond memories of being the cliche nerdy nice guy who always got rejected. The one from the movies, you know? With the inhaler?

    Then PUA happened, I stopped giving a shit about what people think about me and I got laid like crazy. Yay! Thanks PUA! Became an athletic jerk who is happy. #oppositeofbefore

    What I didn't expect was to come full circle though. I'm turning into a nice guy again, and a nerd. But you know what? I'm getting more action now than I was as a full on jerk PUA (April avg. sex count = 2.3 girls/week vs 1-2 per/month when sarging all the time). Instead of hiding behind a computer because I'm afraid of being judged by people in person, I now work on a computer to do and make really badass things. Things that keep getting me invited to parties - not D&D parties, but real parties where I'm introduced to women.

    I'm also turning into a nice guy again.
    Not nice as in "I'll pretend to be a friend and do anything to please you when secretly I only want to marry you (so you have to be mine forever), but it's ok, I'll wait until you break up with your boyfriend and see that I treat you so much better anyway"... That's not nice, I only thought it was.

    Now I'm nice as in "I won't lie about what I want,
    I won't tell everyone you know that we had sex,
    I will respect your needs and feelings,
    I will protect you if YOU need it, not because I need it,
    I will learn about you and come to understand you more deeply than nearly anyone in the world but I'll come to that understanding after a single conversation because I've learned to do that quickly... not because I'm obsessed."

    I could keep writing that list for hours, it's a code I live by and one that gets me all the action I want with minimal effort.

    So nerdy nice guys, I want you to take these words to heart: It gets better, but stop being an asshole and be a man.

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    Default Re: Dear Nerdy Nice Guy...

    I agree.

    Once you become confident with yourself, you don't have to be a cocky asshole anymore.
    It's basically all Mark Manson stuff which me and Immortal preach.

    I sprinkle in some David deangelo cocky funny & use his Kino ladder & stuff like that, but yes, being a nice honest direct confident guy will get you laid the most. All comes back to being a man, & true confidence.

    Look him up on google.

    I'll stop there.

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    Default Re: Dear Nerdy Nice Guy...

    If you are facing some issues with women and you are totally bugged about it ok. it doesn't make you different especially if you are prepared to learn and put in work.Peace

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