We all are socialized, and I find that the biggest barrier for males to get girls is the bad socialization they have been exposed to since they were born. The society socializes men and women differently. The society socializes men to make contributions to the society and socializes women to take care of their sexual reputation so they are not promiscuous. The society treats women, especially beautiful women as a reward for men who have made great contributions to the society(or have the ability to make great contributions to the society). If women are promiscuous and very easy, men will not work hard to contribute to the society to earn a woman, so the society has to suppress a woman's sexuality. The society also teaches women to play hard to get.
The society puts the interest of the whole society before any of its individual member. The society considers the interest of the society much more important than the interest of any individual in this society. The core of socialization is not to allow men to feel confident in front of a beautiful women until after they have worked hard to contribute to the society.

The society try to influence/brainwash men by socialization:
1. The society makes men unconfident in front of women before men make great contributions to the society. The society doesn't want a man to be unconditionally confident. It wants men feel unworthy of a beautiful woman before they contribute to the society.

2.The society makes men and women feel that sex is bad. When we enter puberty, we begin to naturally desire sex, but the society fears that it will detract us from studying(acquiring abilities in order to contribute to the society in the future), so it makes us feel that sex is bad. The society demonizes/bad-izes sex.

Socialization deprives us of freedom of thought/thinking.