Here's a quick story for you that I think will help some of you. Sometimes it's better to just leave a girl and let her chase you.

Buddy and I were in Vegas, I opened a set of two, and immediately set the hook pretty well. Got them to come back to our room and play some drinking games and hang out before going to a club.

However, I wasn't trying to get with either girl. Was really trying to get my buddy some action. As is often the case, my lack of effort actually worked in my favor and the HB9 was interested in me. I still wasn't sure if I even wanted her because I was working on another hb9 that we were going to meet up with later.

Anyway, when we got to the club, things with my buddy and the HB7 were starting to sour so I decided to do the smart thing and control the situation. And the way I did that was to just grab them, tell them I enjoyed meeting them, and that I was going to meet some friends of mine. Have a good night.

I didn't say anything else, just left them. I was the one making that decision. Not them. That's important. I didn't call or text them (we had exchanged numbers already), and I didn't tell them to text me. I just demonstrated that I was willing to leave two pretty hot girls without even giving it a second thought. Is it risky? Perhaps, but it's also a big dhv.

And wouldn't you know it, about an hour later the hb9 is texting me and I have her come join me along with the other girls I met (a bachelor party, seven girls strong and I was literally the only guy on their circle... talk about strong social proof).

So not only have I thrown some big DHVs by being confident enough to leave them, I also demonstrate massive social proof when she comes and finds me with seven beautiful girls.

So from then on, it was easy. I knew she wanted me. Long story short, she comes back to our room (a nice suite with a hot tub, which also speaks to how helpful it can be for a girl to already be familiar with your second location), we have some naked hot tub time and then spend the night together.

Turns out she even had a boyfriend that she had told my buddy about but never did mention to me.

So the lesson? Don't be afraid to walk away. Sometimes that can build more attraction than anyghing else. And when you do walk away, move on. It will either all come back to you or it won't, but there are always more women. Always.