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Thread: Elliot Rodger's is giving PUA some bad names

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    Default Re: Elliot Rodger's is giving PUA some bad names

    Quote Originally Posted by T-Mal View Post
    I quit thinking of it as "pickup" a while ago and instead, considered it "social dynamics".

    It's all about learning to stop being intimidated by women & just learning to separate yourself from the typical schmuck that most girls are familiar with.

    If your focus is to "Pick up" girls, you'll have a harder time.
    If you rely on scripted routines that don't fit your genuine personality, you'll end up being incongruent & keep running into stumbling blocks.

    Yes, essentially is IS "pick up"... but it's really all about learning to be social & having confidence in who you are.

    totally right t-mal. I don't call myself a PUA at all, and I don't try to be. I use this knowledge so that I have a chance with the women I want, as well as to better myself. My motivations have changed. I no longer am trying to get laid, just be a better person. I'm content being alone forever if need be, because I have learned to become my own best friend, and guess what? Other people like me more because of it.
    KISS - Keep it Stupid Simple

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    Default Re: Elliot Rodger's is giving PUA some bad names

    Seriously his outburst has broguht attention back to the PUA world and I feel more people are going to catch on about our movement. It's all in the news. Do you think it will be negative for us?
    honestly I doubt it will have much affect.
    I didn't even know this guy existed till you made this post.

    I believe pua is already fairly mainstream. Hollywood got ahold of the concept of speed seduction long before people like mystery and style did. thus pickup was almost mainstream before the pua movement took off.
    now everyone and their mother has at least read or heard about some guide to success in the dating field.

    that's what happens when people try to market ideas. people like neil strauss and mystery merely put a pricetag on success with woman, then they marketed it to millions.

    if they didn't want it to be mainstream they would have kept pua relegated to a small secret society. however greed drives their ambition to market pua to the whole population.

    honestly I believe we as a people are coming to a period in history where everyone learns how to succeed in the dating field from these well marketed pua products.

    hell just go to your local library and look in the self help section. you'll probably see at least a dozen books about success in the dating field. its getting ridiculous.

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