So I got into the Game for a number of reasons. One of them being rejected by a bunch of Buckle girls and being declared "not pre-selected" by an entire group of Church girls who said "never to touch them, talk to them, or approach them again." Which caused a huge rift and thus made me to decide never to date another Church girl for this reason as it was the most emotionally damaging experience in my life in dealing with women.

Hence why I decided to get back into the Club scene though I retired my dancing name I decided to get back into for the pursuit of women. And I must say meeting women outside the Church world and Buckle world has brought me much satisfaction.

I still don't got the skills to get a Buckle chick or Church girl but Pick Up lead me to Clubs, Bars, Holiday Events, Day Drinking Events like Beer Festivals, and the like. After all my heart grew heavy on all the head games. Now I can pull almost any dimepiece's number I want in the Club. But starting out I was only good at getting numbers and terrible at getting closes and Day 2's. That is all about to change.

Around my 90th approach and 30th number I started to realize a pattern. That this concept of "dating" gets girls to call me back! I went on a date with a Cougar the day after I met her and lead her on for a month afterwards. I failed to lead chicks on for that long without dating them. So I realized the dating game while great is more of a long term prospect of getting laid. So I realized now I will include Hookup game with this. Instead of inviting chicks out on a date I will instead invite them out to nightly or evening meet ups that hint at sex. That way I can date the good girls and fark the bad ones by not taking them out to a fancy dinner but instead for a wild night out.

To prove this I ran this 10 years ago when I was like 20 on a broad from work and said we should go skiing and this we ended up hanging out. Sadly my life was very hard and I had a spiritual breakdown in front of her and I will never forget her words to me that fateful night, "Jack I am glad you told me this because I know we probably would have ended up going to a Club and something happening."

Well the tables have turned and I am in a similar situation at work with a gorgeous babe with a glorious rack at work. I told her "we should get drunk" similar to the skiing thread to which she said yeah definitely. A few days later I number closed her and sold her on a date first. But this time I won't have a breakdown in front of her. I am a lot more easy going now.

She told me today she has other plans that don't involve me in the long term future but she agreed to our next date. While confusing I think it was at first a little unsettling but then it helped me wrestle with things and realize "hey maybe this means friends with benefits but no strings attached." I partly think it was a good BS story to sh!t test me but usually girls will do it to get a reaction and still go through with it based on my response. She wasn't think that 3 days ago so I know she is letting me stick around for a roll in the hay but not planning on having a future with me. I guess this is a win-win since I have the chance of scoring with her in the meantime.

So I got into the Game to "find a GF" to prove to the world they were wrong about me and also to learn how to get a woman. Now that I have a GF it is very nice. I had one last Summer and now one for this Summer. My success rate has gotten me what I wanted finally since now I am so pre-occupied with my GF I really don't have time for other women.

However I will say I will continue approaching to harness my Hookup Game and SNL game since that is what I am getting into this year. Since I nailed down that the Dating method WORKS I don't have time to date anyone else. But I still have time to hookup or whatever when I go out alone. Since I now harnessed the Dating Method and I know how to deploy it I can move on to the Hookup method since I have no spare time to teach myself the dating practices since ever since I started deploying them I keep getting stuck in relationships. So there you have it. I am back and better than ever. This month I will deploy my first trials of SNL game since I have a firm foundation of closing, opening, texting, dating, sets, etc. Now I need to try something different so that is what I will try and come back to share my results. Also I will talk about my dating methods when I release my blog in a few years since I have lots to learn but having lots of success so trying to savor the moment.

This "pattern" I am talking about is getting ignored, rejected, and so forth over the phone right away after meeting a girl. It was getting so bad I started to do new things in desperation to get validation ie calls back, texts back, etc. I realized these girls responded to me when I talked of dating while not in that sense but inviting then places seemed to spark their interest. So I kept doing it to get the validation I was after. Since I was not seeking dates but validation I was only using the dating frame to get them to flipping talk to me. But it ended up getting me out with chicks. And it happened so frequently the Dating method just became ingrained in my head so sometimes I asked them out prior to the N-close which usually set of fireworks so to speak. So I met this girl a week ago and because I deployed the "dating" method pre-close her interest was sky high. See? I just do it for validation but now I do it to experiment. I went on a date today and she was simply expecting it and already agreed to a date this weekend, another time, and to get my tatt so we have like 3 dates planned out. It is so effective I started deploying it liberally and it really helps my closing rate also since sometimes they think "why the heck does he want my number?" Which translates to "no sorry I have a BF."

So the hookup method is the next method I am deploying since I don't have time and money to date anyone else. It is basically using the phone for getting chicks out same night or week out when you meet them to score. It is a quick fix type scenario of flash game and quick escalation. I have yet to try it out but now I think I have the tools to give it a shot and will be back to report if it is as successful at getting me validation as the dating method has been.