Oy people, long time no see! (I guess that's what relationships do to you)

This time I am not writing about a date report, or a stupid technique I tried for fun, or some new insight I discovered (although I got a lot I want to post about in the coming weeks, specifically about relationship-game, cheating-game, and so on), but more about this forum.

See, I recently got a job interview during which the interviewer asked me: "So... what is this PUA thing?" While I know some people here have managed to mix their personal life and their PUA life, talk about it with their friends and so on, this is not an option for me. My line of work can definitely not have any random person or interviewer knowing about this part of my life.

But I used the same user name on this forum than on other websites, and it seems it is now possible to find my posts here through my professional network. Which... kind of sucks.

So I wanted to know if there was a way to change my user name to something else? Something that would also better represent the PUA I've become since then? At worst I would delete the account, but that's something I would really like to avoid.

I tried to contact Bill Preston, but his inbox seems full. Any advice about how I can proceed?

Thanks buddies!