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    Default Health and sexual performance

    My health has been declining recently because I now work full time from home. I used to have physically demanding jobs so I was toned as hell, but now I'm getting fat and lazy because 100% of my exercise comes from sex. That means I'm getting tired sooner, I sweat more, and my sex drive is falling through the floor not to mention an increase in... problems.

    So a week ago I decided to change that because I don't like what I'm becoming. It has been 1 solid week of pushing myself with working out (I already eat quite healthy).

    I'm still not in great shape obviously but I noticed an immediate change in both my sex drive and my performance.

    In the last 24 hours I have had sex 11 times between 2 women with an average time around 30 minutes... And I'm STILL horny albeit exhausted (my brain is barely working right now from lack of sleep). 11 in a day has to be a personal record for me.

    So if you guys aren't already doing this, you gotta try it out. A sudden surge of physical activity has the most fascinating results on your sex life.

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    Default Re: Health and sexual performance

    Did you try consulting a physician regarding your "problems?"

    I work at a construction site, and I go to the gym right after. I commend you for taking initiative in deciding to work out and exercise.

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