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Thread: the importance of VALUE

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    Arrow the importance of VALUE

    have you ever wondered why some guys seem to get women effortlessly, while other guys try and try and try but never achieve the sex life they deserve?

    many pua's get one big thing wrong when discussing how to get women.
    their main focus is solely about the approach/selling themselves

    imagine that you're at a car dealership, the first salesman you meet is extremely friendly, cool to talk to, and has lots of b.s. stories to tell. however the car he wants you to buy is complete junk. sure he's good at giving a sales pitch, but what he's trying to sell isn't really worth buying.

    now imagine you go to the next car lot, this time, the salesman is quiet and barely relates to you. however, he's selling an amazing car in immaculate condition. despite the poor sales pitch, the car pretty much sells itself.

    now think about wich car you would buy. of course you want the nicer car regardless of the sales pitch.

    woman think the same way about men.

    they want the highest quality guy they can get regardless of how well he sells himself.

    so now think of yourself as a product woman might want, however, you product can both increase or decrease in desirability. while having a good sales pitch does help you sell your product, ultimately increasing the quality of your product is the best way to sell more of it.

    thus, we need to focus more on bettering ourselves than bettering our game.

    face it, most guys who get results with women are valuable to begin with. having game without value is like trying to sell a junk car to someone who wants a quality car.


    this is what women want. they want a man who possesses value in all three value areas.

    the three types of valuein order of importance value

    2. genetic value

    3. economic value

    now, being a valuable person will be more achievable for some people over others. now I'm going to break down the three areas of value so you can better understand how to increase your value in all three areas.

    1. social value

    social value is base primarily on your ability to get things (services, favors, goods, ect...) you want from other people. pua's often refer to this as "social proof" but I prefer the term "social value" because it's not just about knowing people, it's about knowing the right people to get her things she may want. (yes women are extremely manipulative)

    social value is also composed of your ability to create emotions in her and your ability to stimulate her. (of course that kinda goes back to your ability to sell yourself..)

    the way to increase your social value is simple. make more friends, and spend more time socializing.

    2. genetic value

    genetic value is based primarily on your good health, your ability to protect her, your ability to please her in the bedroom, and your ability to provide favorable genes to her children. this is why people who are tall or skinny or muscular or good looking have a huge advantage in the dating field.

    that's not to say you can't get women if your fat and ugly, but having favorable genetics will help.

    now you're probably thinking "i can't change my genetics" and your 100% correct, however, you can make yourself appear to have better genetics by:

    building muscle/ loosing weight

    better grooming

    better hygiene

    increasing endurance

    increasing your ability to protect her (learn a martial art or how to use various weapons and make it known that you can defend her)

    increasing your height (wear boots when you go out)

    wearing clothes that fit well.

    peacocking (not too much)

    these are all ways of appearing to have a healthy body wich is one of the big things women want in men

    economic value

    economic value is all about your ability to provide for your family. (and its why rich guys have it a lot easier with women) women want a man who can provide a comfortable lifestyle for them and their children.

    increasing economic value is all about increasing the "appearance of wealth" (because lets face it, if you're a millionaire who never buys anything expensive no one would ever think you have money) this is usually done by having status symbals or "indicators of wealth" these primarily include:

    a good job (or at least one that seems like a good job)



    an expensive apartment

    jewelry/ peacocking items

    name brand clothes

    travel/vacations (tell stories about them)

    and any other personal property that appears to be worth money

    basically she wants to be able to live an above average lifestyle, and marrying a wealthy man can help her accomplish this.

    increase your value in all three areas, and you won't need to rely on game near as much.

    because ultimately your value is what will seal the deal when it comes to getting women.

    become higher quality and you will find yourself with higher quality women.


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    Default Re: the importance of VALUE

    Value is very important, but I would argue that social value is SO much more important then genetic or economic value that social value is the thing that should be focused on.

    For genetic value, I don't necessarily agree that muscular, tall, attractive people have THAT much of an advantage. Sure it helps a little to get your foot in the door but it's a very small advantage. You still need to be socially aware and have social skills to get anywhere.

    We all know very muscular, attractive guys that are terrible with women. Also, does being in good shape and being attractive ACTUALLY help or is it the confidence that these attributes give the guy. I would heavily lean towards the latter.

    Look at one of your favorite pua's, David X. He's REALLY ugly but his confidence is through the roof! He's gotten more women then 99.9% of men.

    The most important thing that you can do in the genetic value category is show your ability to protect her. This doesn't mean that you need to go out and learn a martial art. All you really need to do is look out for her safety and show her that you're doing this. Examples: Helping her traverse rugged terrain so she doesn't fall. Walking behind her with your hand on her lower back when you go up a flight of stairs. Shielding her from uncomfortable situations. Putting yourself between her and a stray dog if she appears frightened. Walking on the road side of the sidewalk instead of her. These things are all you need to show you can protect her. They also show that you care. In showing that you care you show that you can provide for her and your family.

    Same thing with economic value. Everyone looks at the money as the reason WHY the guy gets the girls. Wealthy guys feel like they have earned the best women because they have money. They believe they are entitled to have the best women because of their status. Have you ever wondered if it's ACTUALLY the confidence the guy has BECAUSE he has money?

    Two of the guys I know who get the most women have never had very much money.

    One of them is not attractive and has no money. He only showers about once a week and his bedroom is the messiest, nastiest bedroom I've ever seen. This guy is not very tall nor is he muscular (although he is skinny). He gets women all the time because he is extremely friendly and can talk to anyone about anything for hours. His social value is extremely high.

    The other one is very attractive, but again has never had a good job. He excels at getting women because he is a super friendly, personable guy by nature. He is extremely good at conversation and relating to other people. He just married an extremely gorgeous woman who makes 6 figures a year because of his social value.

    Lets look at it in an alternative form using letters to denote things. A= confidence, B= money, and C= women. Many people come to the conclusion that a man has B so he gets C. I believe that because he has B he attains A and A gets him C.

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    Default Re: the importance of VALUE

    In terms of value:
    1) Social- working on that, but I have pictures of me with Poreotics, but I have yet to show them to anyone. I also spoke with one of the RHNJ a few times over the phone (she was super nice).

    2) I am 6' 3", and go to the gym at least five days a week, and I think I've made it six days a week. I count calories as well.

    3) I have a car, but I'm a college student so I don't have much else.

    As DirectIsBest, said confidence is key. That is what I think am lacking in, and need to build on. Whether or not a product gets sold usually depends on the salesman.

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    Default Re: the importance of VALUE

    I believe there is a subtle, yet important difference between social value and social proof. Having one without the other is trouble.

    For instance, my novel skill with a harmonica gives me huge social value. But it doesn't social proof. My entourage, and the associated hangers on are what give the social proof. That proves to people I'm not creepo with a neat talent.

    But without a doubt, being a normal "every guy" walking into the venue and blending in SUCKS. Better to stand out in some outrageous but cool way IMO to generate social value and convert it into social proof.

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