So there's always room for improvement, I realized this worked but any suggestions on how to improve the first routine or advice for the second would be greatly appreciated.

Female wings are an amazing idea. I have one (solid 9) that i met when she was a student of mine at the hospital i work at. I asked her to go to a local bar one night that a big name band was playing at just as friends and asked her to help me pickup and I'd pay for her drinks. So I went in the bar first and opened a 3 set, a few minutes later she walked up and did the whole "Hey good to see you" I introduced her then after a few seconds of intro she did the "nice to meet you all" then her hand on my chest and said .......come find me when youre done." While sliding her hand across my chest as she walked away. This was all pre planned. I ended up number closing one of the girls before saying i needed to get back to my friends.

I have recently listened to other puas use a wing woman to open 2 sets and dhv you and then intro you. I can't wait to try this also.