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Thread: Thoughts on Oneitis

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    Default Thoughts on Oneitis

    I've been thinking about Oneitis a bit.

    Any way, for the longest time I've always thought of oneitis as something to do with the girl in that, said individual experiencing the symptoms because one girl has specific traits which the PUA/AFC/Person really likes.

    However, recently I've begun to think of oneitis relating more so to opportunity. Yes some connection is required but isnt to some extent what fuels oneitis less to do with the person and more so about the opportunity to potentially seduce/interact/etc and not so much the qualities of the person.

    What say you?

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Oneitis

    That is not necessarily true. There will always be a girl out there that you will like and be strongly attracted to more than others. Sometimes, you can't even explain it yourself. You just connect with some quality that she has or multiple things she has in common with you. It goes back to assortment theory that we always are attracted to what we reflect. The more you mature and develop as an individual and know oneself, the more you will notice that.

    My friend is a good looking salsa teacher. He has no problem getting girls chasing him and I hear his war stories all the time. There is no doubt he has what is called an "abundance mentality." However, despite all the women, there is usually that one girl that he is strongly attracted to the exclusion of others. He dislikes that feeling because he worries about giving up his value, not being able to break rapport, and losing his frame. But so far he is fine and has been successful in locking in the girl.

    I heard of the whole "thrill of the hunt" saying, but look at it this way - if I am not passionate/or care enough about the girl, why would I care enough to put in the time and energy to pursue/seduce/game/w/e?

    This also varies from guy to guy. When you get older, all this gaming can get tiring. If we can have our way, the only thing us guys care about is having a line of girls waiting to fvck us or just have our soulmate handed to us so we can cut out the time searching and use that time to pursue a higher quality of life.

    Guys develop one-itis for different reasons and some more so easily than others. There's a lot of factors to take into account. Some people can say that George Clooney who was regarded as a pathological serial dater now has one-itis and recently got married.

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