The Summer sarge Method
I stopped worrying about late replies, I stopped worrying about approaching, I stopped worrying about rejection, I stopped worrying about sh!tests, I stopped worrying about validation, I stopped worrying about being broken hearted, I stopped worrying about getting a girlfriend. And I found it all.

But I never stop worrying about getting a chick pregnant, I never stop worrying about a chick falling in love with me it used to be that I wanted the validation until I started dropping 9's like hats I took a step back and found a roadblock larger than life...myself. My goals, my dreams, my heart.

It was difficult because I felt like I was flying but then I started falling for the same tricks before realizing it was my line, it was my life, it was my presentation that the girls started to fall in love with. That 9 though I play them like a violin, my last one fell deeply in love with me and tried to tame me to settling down but I don't freaking settle for something that comes so easily.

They fall for me more easily I end up playing them and even after rejection they keep holding on I just wish that store clerk, that bartender, that cocktail waitress, the hairstylist, that co-worker would disappear but they are holding onto something. The hairstylist says I am the greatest and begs me to come back and says one day we will be together, the cocktail waitress says she is in love with me, the store clerk never stops creeping on me she just can't let it go, my co-workers are obsessed they tried to blackmail me to be with them, the bartender tries to guilt trip me into coming to see her, they say they only feel pretty when I am around being good sucks.

There is something different about me you should know next year is MPUA training. Training 2-3 guys next year and off to the races. It's just too easy now. My challenge is simply making myself overall happy.

So I threw it all down for nothing and ended up getting validation from 10's regularly it is easy to go home with them.

Putting it all on the line here and gonna say next year is my big 3 of leveling up. MPUA style. I am in hibernation. In hibernation I get tatted, work like crazy, hit the gym like mad, save, buy new stuff, don't go out. Guess what 0 for 0 approaches this Winter (November). Cuz I don't go out! 30 last Summer. Anyway next Summer will be something different.

I hibernate now but when I get back out in the Summer with my fresh tatts to the bar, to the clubs, to the parks, to the events, to the shows, to the attractions I turn into a approach machine. They call me Star Prince those 10's though. It's not over my next year report should be beyond my wildest dreams. I can approach, I can text, I can pull, I can run. But I can't give up. I can't give in. While you are in your Summer chair waiting for that "one girl" to pass you by or to "text you back" I will be rotating like 10 chicks in my text log blowing up with 3-4 girls an hour. Then going to be with the one who sings to me the best songs. Why? Because I SARGE. One Summer 50 approaches and texting new chicks every weekend hanging out with a new chick each night of the week asking me to move in and settle down but I am moving on and moving up. I am Jack Sarge and this is my method. About to wreck it and break new records, cover new territory, and go where I never gone before...BEASTMODE.

Gym dudes think BEASTMODE is about the Gym which sure that works but it was created by RSD Jeffy years ago that you go so hard you have new chicks every weekend and by your abundance you are breaking hearts not begging for text messages. Winter is slow so I go for the goal and set my sights on the Summer Sky right after this next tatt, this next goal, this next dream, then when I wake up my dormant powers will be reborn to greater strength, greater courage after all those 10's though they say the stars are on my side I am the Star Prince in their eyes Mr. Wonderful inside.