I can't tell you guys how much easier it is now working from my new laptop!! My goodness I have been on my phone all this time and haven't had one for 3 years but selling my last laptop saved my life and got me enough money to make it home from Florida. But I been in such a huge hole starting to work my way out!

How am I proceeding? Well for one thing all these times on the forums starting two years ago I haven been working from a smartphone and working very slow. I am all about working smarter not harder. It would take me around 1 hour to write a decent field report from my phone and I type so fast it will take me about 1/2 of that now! So more field reports plus I think I come off kinda weird typing from a dang phone.

So I accomplished this by practicing what I been telling you guys about for a WHILE> Winter Hibernation. Meaning I don't go out, don't approach, dump my girlfriends and just plain work my tail off.

New Levels
Well I done that for sure and if I haven't been myself now you know why. I am on a huge comeback trail because I have had to start my life over from scratch twice. Once from a mid-life crisis and the other from hitting rock bottom. So now that I am SLOWLY getting back on board and slowly getting my stuff together I have to say I am very happy with my Winter Hibernation idea.

By doing this I saved myself from dumping my girlfriend from spending $200 on a concert and $300 on new years. Anyway by not doing this I realized for writing my new blog, writing extensive field reports during the Summer, and other things I needed a laptop...for Pickup. So I partly did it to protect my bottom dollar in job prospects since I think I am all about working smarter not harder and spending all day at home on my laptop applying at places would be worlds easier than sitting in a stuffy library all day.

But I went to the Pawn Shop and bought one for $180 used instead of at a store brand new for $350. By doing this I can upgrade my TV and I got another promotional interview at my job next week for an official Supervisor Gig. So the year is off to a slamming start.

I took the risk of taking a promotion at work for chicks (up my value), bought a new car (chick car) to pick chicks up in that I would be confident in and it seems like the pieces are finally starting to fall into place. My blog will be up and running soon still trying to get up to date on everything I been missing out on. Going to be a fun ride this year in 2015. We'll get to the chicks and approaches when I hit Summer. This is why I hibernate! I can focus on my career and by doing this up for a new promotion, work harder in the Gym, bought a laptop, buying a new TV tomorrow and just think it is only a few days into the year! Next up is finishing up some tattoos and then off to the pimped out rims. After we polish that off should be able to start saving for Summer. This time is different I can almost taste those golden rays and girlfriend kisses. Any who will get back to talking about chicks soon but focused on my Outer Game in the Winter and Chicks in the Summer. I love my gameplan even my Tattoo Artist knows how obsessed with Summer I am and so him and I are slating our time together prior to my Summer Ventures.