being that its the beginning of a new year, everyone always makes some new years resolution that they only pursue for maybe the first month of the year.

this guide is to help you create realistic goals and stick with them until they're completed.

so how does one set a goal and actually complete it? here's my 2 cents.

1. set realistic goals. (make sure your goals are achievable) for instance: if your goal is to make sweet love to your celebrity crush, that's likely an unrealistic goal. but if your goal was just to better with women in general it would be much more achievable.

2. figure out what babie steps you can take every day to work towards your goal. (your goal isn't going to happen over night) for instance: if your goal is to lose weight, you should make it a point to workout each day or just cut a few more carbs every day. if you don't work towards your goal on a daily basis, its easy to give up on it.

3. remind yourself every day. write your goal down, and remind yourself of it as often as you can. the more you think about your goal, the harder it will be to give up on it.

4. make time for your goal in your schedule. (its hard to complete any goal if you don't devote time towards it) for instance: if your goal is to better with women, you should pick a time in your daily schedule that you devote to going out and meeting them.

5. track your progress. its easy to become unmotivated if you can't actually see your progress. write about your success's in a journal, or mark the number of women you talked to every day on your calendar. anytime you're feeling less than motivated, remind yourself of the small victories you've had thus far. maybe you're less afraid to talk to strangers, maybe you can do a few more push-ups than you used to be able to do. whatever the case, you need positive feedback when you're not feeling motivated.

6. tell other people about your goal. often other people can help you stay on track and can remind you of what you're working towards and sometimes even push you towards accomplishing your goals.

7. persevere. don't let anything stop you from accomplishing your goals. don't pay attention to people who say negative things about what you're working towards. and most importantly, don't allow yourself to give up on your dreams. they're achievable, it just takes time.