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Thread: Kino's - 5 Favorite Panty Droppers

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    Default Kino's - 5 Favorite Panty Droppers

    I love you guys. This community is my home turf for sure. I'm going into the private stash here. I'm going to give you my top panty droppers for both new girls and women you're already sleeping with.

    New Girls.

    1. The Bombshell - Kino's "BOMBSHELL" YOU MUST READ!!!

    2. Shakespearean Panty Dropper.

    Sonnet 129: Th'expense of spirit in a waste of shame

    BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARETh' expense of spirit in a waste of shame
    Is lust in action; and till action, lust
    Is perjured, murd'rous, bloody, full of blame,
    Savage, extreme, rude, cruel, not to trust,
    Enjoyed no sooner but despisèd straight,
    Past reason hunted; and, no sooner had
    Past reason hated as a swallowed bait
    On purpose laid to make the taker mad;
    Mad in pursuit and in possession so,
    Had, having, and in quest to have, extreme;
    A bliss in proof and proved, a very woe;
    Before, a joy proposed; behind, a dream.
    All this the world well knows; yet none knows well
    To shun the heaven that leads men to this hell.

    I tell her she reminds me of my favorite poem. She'll ask what poem. I'll lean into her ear and recite this poem from memory. She will always ask what it means. (LOOK IT UP) By the time I'm done explaining it in her ear while holding her close, she's on broil.

    For rotation girls: These are girls you're already sleeping with.

    3. Button Pop:

    The first step is keep some old worn out button downs around. Usually women love to sleep in these. I'll give them one and at some point after we've been flirting around. I'll give her a look like I'm going to eat her alive and rip the front of the shirt open flinging buttons everywhere. Trust me, it's a wrap.

    4. The Panty Steal:

    You and the girl are about to hit the town and she's wearing a dress or skirt. When we pull up to park wherever it is were going. I'll say in a low voice, give me your panties. 8 times of out 10, she'll protest. My response, Give me the panties. By the time you get back to where you can do something about it, she'll be on fire.

    5. The Panty Rip:

    I'll usually start by grabbing a hand full of hair and kissing her passionately. Using a LITTLE bit force, I'll bend them over something. When the skirt goes up or pants come down, I'll rip them in half. Don't botch this. If you are defeated by the panties, you lose. This seems similar to the button pop, but this builds a little slower. The button pop is instant, it's more of a surprise.

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    Default Re: Kino's - 5 Favorite Panty Droppers

    The bombshell is...the bomb. I never heard of your bombshell technique until about a year ago but I had already learned it on my own. My take on it is a little different but it's the same thing. I'll talk to a girl and give her little, if any ioi's. When she starts getting inside my personal bubble I'll lean in and kiss her. Then I'll pull back, look deep into her eyes, and tell her what I'm going to do to her. "I'm going to F your brains out" or "I'm going to lick every little inch of that p$ssy until you're screaming". Whatever I want to do to her. Although this may not be as poetic as your example, it always closes the deal and it's the same concept.

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    Default Re: Kino's - 5 Favorite Panty Droppers

    This might be the one most entertaining and intriguing thread in the forums lol. Can't wait to try these. And I agree that the bombshell deserves its name. I made even myself horny while dropping that one.
    It's not about who I was or who I'm going to become.

    It's about who I am. Do it right here, right now.

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