Hi bros. I know I don't have as much time as I want to hang around in forums but I wanna get to know you all. So let's share our first kiss stories. No matter how awful or awesome they were, don't be shy, chime in. It'll be fun.

So here's mine:

I was already a bit into PUA before I got my first kiss, so it's a little bit different from "the cliché" stories.

So there was this HB7 I've been gaming and we've just had the first date the day before it all happened. The date weren't so bad but I failed to k-close so I was determined to compensate.

We were sitting in a not-so-crowded park and chillin' you know. I was looking for an opportunity to escalate, kinda started getting desperate. Suddenly, she started talking about her ex and how he was constantly criticizing her about her not being able to take risks. She just kept yapping and babbling about him and I suddenly got into the state and said: "Let's see if you can take this risk." and BAM, kissed her.

When I pulled back she was stunned for a good 3 seconds and right before I was able to say anything, she just jumped on me and started kissing me again... lol.

Looking forward to hear your stories guys!