Still going. Wow I used to debate about being a cheater dating two girls at one time. Now that I got played by my Ex GF with 7 BF's I started getting more serious. All I am doing with these 3 10's is talking since I asked all of them out and nothing yet, they want to wait or think about it. This is pretty expected with 10's. I mean I don't have this kind of trouble with 9's but I love the challenge so these 10's are the kinda women I like. I want a woman to challenge me not just roll over and take it.

I used to debate about dating two chicks and could never keep up with such rotations. But I am talking to 3 chicks and actually looking to meet more and date more. The sky is the limit not going to hold myself back even if I do get successful with a couple.

"The 10's"

The kind of girls I am most attracted to right now are the ones that are super hot and successful. Talking to 2 super hot chicks and one is a nurse and the other has two of her own businesses. Not sure about the 3rd but I am dating some of the hottest women and on top of that they can take care of me if need be. Those are the kinda women I am most attracted to. Not the gold diggers but the sugar momma's. If a girl is broke or looking for a man to give her the world then I will lost interest.

Not sure how it will pan out but this year I may get to have one of my biggest rotations ever. And with the hottest women. We'll see once Summer hits. I'll be back soon. Hopefully it is nice so I can hit the bar the weekend.