The Fawk (F-close) Blanket

I feel like I have learned so much from you all… I have read and studied this forum for months and months and never really posted . I would consider myself a “natural” but I still had to work to learn this shit. And nowthat I have gotten somewhat good at this...I feel like I should share some ofthe gems I have learned. Since my skill has increased I date a lot so I’malways thinking about a solid but cheap date. I think im going to transitionout of gaming soon as it has gotten pretty methodical for me. Just a personalpreference that I don’t really care for. So before I go I’m going to post a fewideas/routines to hopefully help some new people out.

So here I present toyou what my boys affectionately call The Fawk Blanket! I picked this baby up onAmazon about $30 I think it has been the best tool in closing! It is justsimply a portable picnic blanket that has shoulder straps to take with you ( I canput a link if you want). This has been golden! Let me explain how I use it….

Usually on my second or third day texting a girl ( I like to be the one to end the text convos) Ill say something like …

“About to go for arun/hit the gym, I’ll hit you up later…. Hummm I might grab my Fancy picnicblanket too just in case… *wink face*”

This gets themextremely curios, The response is about 50/50- Half immediately ask what theblanket is- ( don’t answer them right away, make them wait till your done totell them) And the other half they somehowask or mention the blanket in their very first text once I hit them up later.

Here is a good time for Jokes- Mostly through text game

-When They will ask why or what it is
-I keep it with me when I’m out exploringthe city because you never know when an opportunity for a picnic will present itself ! (Shows Social freedom &my life is cooler than yours)
-“ Van Gogh Fact # 456- I Dig picnics!!” ( Throwing out random Fact Numbersand stuff about me is something I like to do)
- Send them a picture of it buttell them “shhhh this is our secret” (Proof Blanket exists)

-It kinda looks like a purse soooo…if I let you join me then you may have to carry it
I have been Shit tested on thislike Her- “So you always take girls withyou on picnics to carry it”
- Me: “whyare you jealous?…and if I roll solo I just throw it behind me bike messengerstyle”

She will likely at some point say “ Wow, I love picnics too”( I always chuckle inside because they say it like its unique, Everyone likes adamn picnic!!! Lol) SO I respond “ what are you serious!! Me too!” or “ You sure your just not saying that toimpress me *wink*” or “ Nice.. you might be cooler than I thought”

Then I sometimes use it to transition to a questions game ( Better at night).. “ Oksay you were having a a sunset picnic with someone special.. And you could onlybring 3 things, what would you bring” (Puts a nice visual in her head) And beprepared because after she answers she WILL ask you back! Be prepared with some cool/non boring things…but always sayyour blanket as #1 !!!! ( I go blanket/ strawberries/ My oldie but goodiesplaylist)…but be really descriptive because in her mind she is picturing this! Nowyour “Oldie playlist” will be bait and will transition into more questions fromher.. etc etc etc…

The actual event I never have done it on a 1st datebut I guess it could work. More of a second date thing for me. When making theplan I always get them to invest some like.. “ I’ll bring the magic blanket andwater and you bring the fruit/cheese/Something from her list) When she commitsto this she will usually not flake!

There are so many ways you can play with this it is amazing!I once met a girl to walk to a picnic spot…she mentioned it looked cloudy...Booman opening! Called an audible.. “Yea your right… but if you were a true picnic connoisseurlike me then you would know that indoor picnics are fun too” She gave me anexcuse to get her to my place!!!… We walked to a deli, got sandwiches/chips…back my me. Moved some furniture, Layed the blanked on the floor, ate, put on amovie while on the blanket, closed.

I have just had this damn thing for like 2 months and I ambatting 1000! (Every girl who has laid on the blanket I have closed that day orshortly after) I’m sure this pace can’t continue but I am like 9 for 9.

Spring is here, summer is starting, Free Outdoor movieseason is kicking off.. enjoy it Artists!

Van Gogh

PS… Shout out to my wing “Money” who I met off here and hasshowed me around town! Hats off to you Playa!

And another shout out to Kino & T-Mal…your stuff has helped me the most