Sup peeps Gotcha again,

I just realized that the upcoming 3 weeks are my last at school, then my school days are numbered... it kind of hit me in the face at first and i started to think about the impact that its going to have. My father kicking me out of the house, Graduating, getting a job. Then it came to mind that i do not like the idea of being alone in my new found apartment taking care of myself.

* Blegh* it sounds so adult, I don't wanna end up like my father "The oldman workaholic-nothing to do els in life- stressed out- never did something better- always do what he's told" kind of person. It sounds so fcking boring, pointless, goalless and mostly hopeless.

That's why i am going to set these goals for the next year:

  1. Get a awesome batcholar apartment.
  2. Get a part time cool job that i enjoy
  3. Write my book on self help and PUA
  4. Start a new study on social interaction and body language
  5. Start my own company (not high priority)
  6. Get better at any social interaction in general.
  7. Build a real social circle.
  8. Help other people with my coaching
  9. Get better in pickup's any kind
  10. Have the best single's life on earth.
  11. Build some muscle

But until then i have 3 weeks at school, the very last... It's getting hotter with the day so the skirts are getting shorter with the day to. In my mind time for the ultimate challenge...... I'm going to give my game a huge practice..... Time for PUA rampage! Goal: 50 collage approaches in 3 weeks, 5 lay's, With 2 of them HB8/10. With at least one 11 Hollands next top model quality and have sex at least once on a crazy spot in the school. School is out soon but mine is starting right now!. Also i will try to keep record of everything i do the next 3 weeks in my pua log that am writing on my phone. of course i will share my fail´s and wins here!

Epic goals:
from zero to hero: get the best of the best pussy in the school.
Over ambition: 100 approaches and lay at least 15 times

Stakes are high, but the possible reward is even bigger time for rampage!

More goals planned for this week
This week a big jazz festival for free get a HB10 25 year old 5 year's older then me. Plan a holiday to Spain to continue the rampage.

HB7 to 11 be ready i'm going lose!
Game on!

Stay natural as always,


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