Granted I was a player back in the day I was dateless for a decade all through my 20's. I was dateless all my 20's though not with trying desperately.

I was always thinking I found "the one"

Now the opposite is true all my last 5 relationships I have broken up with them. My EX hates my guts for breaking up with her. I thought she was taking things too fast by us talking about settling down and moving in together.

New girlfriend thought would fix that...wrong.

New girlfriend is very very fvcking srs about this sh!t. My EX it took us 3 months to start developing a strong bond and the breakup was brutal. There was Drama Town on FB, my phone blowing up to no end till I had to trick her into hating me. She was obsessed. New girl is even more obsessed?

Snapchatting me every 5 seconds. Today she Snapped like 6 times!! All totally solicited by her. She tracked me down, told me she thinks I am good looking, wants us take videos of our ferret together.

I was messing around with Snapchat and accidently added her and my EX-GF and really tried adding my crush (The HB10 with Mansion) who I struck out on FB, POF, and IG but cake very very close on IG like she was begging me to tell her how she felt and I guessed wrong so I was trying to add her on Snap cuz that's the only way I have left so of course the EX and the New GF added me and my EX I broke her heart she still looks like she is hating life, the new girl is obsessed!

We were snapping and she is taking it way too srs and when I walked into work she "lite up" like a Christmas tree I mean she was glowing just so fvcking happy to see me just full compliance. So I walked over and sat down at her table and she won't stop flirting with me. How am I gonna get rid of this one??

I thought the last one was hard well this one works with me! She will be so devastated but damn it I hate having such low value and need to document and get points aka score and get some pics up on FB showing all my GF's.

Most people think I am bragging so I at least need to go far enoghh to get those pics and some play. But damn she is already in love and creepin ultra hard. Another roller coaster....

So there you have it I was dateless for a decade now I got 5 chicks I could take out in a wink, a chick who is über creepin for something srs, my EX who has a BF but cannot ever be happy without me and cannot be happy for me, the new chicks HB10's who are digging hard abd on hold. And I am probably going out this weekend not telling the mistress. I mean damn what an overhaul of never getting chicks to juggling chicks and having them fall in love left and right. Kinda crazy that I cannot stay single and this girl will not stop trying to make something hapoen. I usually get rid of them but time to prove my worth. So let's hope I make something happen this weekend.

What a 180 to be getting shunned for asking chicks on dates now women are asking me out and I have issues with too many chicks liking me. This is difficult but think I am calling on the HB10 lawyer for round 2 at the Bar. So many choices!