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Thread: My stalkers

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    Default My stalkers

    This goes from sad, to scary, to funny.

    I've had a stalker ex for a year and a half now. She slanders me to my family, my friends, and my work. Fortunately she's bad at lying and most people call her on it. I think she might have stopped, so that's good.

    Now I have finally gained my second stalker. Turns out I slept with his wife. They've been in marriage counselling for years and getting nowhere, both unhappy but too scared to call it off. So I'm the housewrecking scumbag... I don't feel good about it, but it is what it is. The husband found out about her cheating about a month ago. He's been constantly asking her for my address but she won't crack. Good girl.

    But let me back up a sec.

    One night I was getting ready to go out sarging and she was horny so she kept texting me. She asked for sexy pics so I decided to be cheeky and create my own rendition of the coppertone girl's pic. It's me showing a bit of butt doing a mock-coy look. Sent. We both had a big laugh and talk about getting it blown up into a poster.

    Fast forward a couple weeks and I get a message from her asking for my address. That seemed really weird, she's been to my place countless times so I figure it can't really be her. I don't respond.

    Next day she tells me that her husband sent it, he got her phone and had read through all our messages.

    I've heard a lot about him... he's basically asexual and content to go the rest of his life without sex or masturbation - something she's not cool with. But he's way bigger than me and some sort of genius university prof. He wants my blood.

    A few days later she finds my name and phone number on a piece of paper crumpled up in the garbage.

    And finally today, the climax comes. She found a printout of my coppertone pic on his desk. I just realized that it's about the only picture of myself I've ever sent to her. Therefore, his entire conception of what I look like is that ridiculous butt-pic selfie. I can only assume he's sending it off to some Private Investigator to try to track me down... meaning someone out there might be getting paid to look at my hairy behind.

    I might end up with broken bones or a gun to my head... but for the life of me I just can't stop laughing.

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    Default Re: My stalkers

    I know I shouldn't be laughing but.. hahahahaha, I've never been in a situation where I'm interrupting someones marriage but have been in a situation where I was seeing a girl that had a bf, I kind of think that he had a hunch that something's happening between us that's why he insisted that she stopped seeing me, she hasn't told him about us anything (as far as I know). I think it's because I once said in a playful way that our little love story can end tragically and asked her to bring me sweets if I end up in the hospital with a few broken bones, she was wondering whether or not telling him about us, but after those playful words she said that she cares about me too much and that she won't do it (never even asked her).

    I remember seeing her walking around with her bf when we were still dating, acting all cold and remembering how she was the other way around with me, I liked to tease him as I walked them by, by having a big and confident smile on my face, completely ignoring his existence, saying in a low tone and playfully "hello there *HB*". See I knew he wasn't worthy of her and used her for granted so I didn't feel bad messing around like this what so ever, this happened a few months ago, yet after reading your story not only you put a smile on my face by making me think "wow this guy's playing with fire and having a laugh about it, haha I ..cking love it" but also made me remember how I did that as well and how alive it used to make me feel.

    anyways haha, best of luck to you man!


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