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Thread: Not attracted to girls recently?!!

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    Default Not attracted to girls recently?!!

    I'm just curious if this has happened to any of you guys before. For the past 8 months, I've been constantly working on myself: working out 3-5 times/week, very focused on my career, meditation 20 minutes/day, reading books, going out twice a week, etc. I have noticed that while I have become very free from outcome, goal-oriented, and high value, I also have become less attracted to girls lately. For example today, I met a cute girl while working an event booth for the All-Star game in my city and I could tell she was into me. (qualifying herself by agreeing with all of my interests and asking me tons of questions) My old self a year ago would have gotten her number and time-bridged a set date for tomorrow. But instead, I felt that she wasn't as attractive and I could get an overall better girl than her.

    How have you guys dealt with this?

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    Default Re: Not attracted to girls recently?!!

    You always want you can't have in life. That's why things that are unattainable are perceived as higher value, and things that you can achieve easy are perceived as lower value.

    It comes down to your self confidence. Inner game.

    When you go through improvements in your life and better yourself you gain confidence and perceive yourself as a higher value guy. Girls you've previously thought were the best you could get, are just average. You become more selective in the things you want and will not be interested unless she has those traits. At least emotionally.

    The girls you will find attractive and pursue will be much higher quality, more valuable girls, and this will weird you out at first because you're not used to it. You're used to being happy with just average cute girls.

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