It's been TOO long. My transformation from AFC to whoever or whatever I was turned out to be phenomenal. I went from the guy who always got friend zoned to having an astonishing success rate. I had different girls every month, pulled girls away from boyfriends and, best of all, became the SELECTOR.

Surely enough, my confidence skyrocketed. One thing you guys have to understand about me - I have a weight problem; i.e. I'm fat. Now, I'm a fairly tall guy; I stood at 5'10". I weighed around 225lbs at this time. I did work out often, but I had poor nutrition. My arms were large and well defined, my posture was and is excellent. My major drawbacks were my lovely "moobs" and my gut. I was always very outgoing and a great conversationalist, so I used it to my advantage. Gotta tell ya, it worked. I pulled girls that were out of my league and the few times I've been rejected were because I was doing everything wrong. This sh1t works, fellas.

Fast forward to a blind date with a gorgeous brunette. Well put together, charismatic, smart, athletic - everything you could want. Could have easily f closed that same night. K close date 2 and then, five dates in, f close. Woot woot. Notice the lack of enthusiasm?

I practically lived in her (he he) for a week. Too bad I didn't use a condom. I started getting severe anxiety attacks because I know how serious STD's can be. Thankfully, I was fine. It took me almost a year to get over it. During that year, I maybe kissed three or four girls. Unfortunately, I ended up reverting back to an AFC. Not going for the kiss with BAWLS, being too shy to Kino escalate, afraid to offend, etc. Fell into the nice guy pattern because fvck what you learned, right?

So, fast forwarding from when I got over it to now. A little less than two years in total from that point, I'm now a total AFC. I did hook up with a girl I was into in my first semester of college, but that's about it for new girls. I had a few repeats, but that's slowly fading, too. All the theory I learned is meaningless without practice. Without practice, mental masturbation remains just that.

I'm dedicating more time to proper nutrition, consistent exercise (actually at 220lbs now, but look 180; dropped weight and still have my arms hehe), and PRACTICING what I've learned. I'm learning more every day and making changes to become a better and happier person. I'm back to share my progress, stay motivated, and help anyone who needs it. This sh1t is possible; if I was able to pull it off, ANYONE can do it. Don't hesitate to ask me for help or advice, either. While I've been out for a while, I still know my stuff

Stay classy,