Sup peeps Gotcha again,

Its been a while sins i posted so ill give you guys a update how things are rolling.
Growing up is harder then i thought, i found my a own place and ill be moving in soon.
As promised ill post pictures of the inside of the apartment or even make a video of it. The location is really nice with great thanks to the tips you guys gave me. Its down town for very good night game and day game. also its located near the train/bus station for good logistics and is easily accessible with a car. The building it self is old but it gives that classy kind of style. The inside is not very big as i only can effort a small one as a starter (25 square meters of usable space). So i will need to buy "multiple use furniture" for example the closet that turns in to a table.

If its done you can hit me up ill make a spare place for you guys to stay and to close. after all we are all one family.

So far this with the apartment.

Now am writing a book on how life is devolving form a gamer nerd guy to becoming a pua/coach.
In this book there are some of my techniques and my style of game. But my book goes further then game my book is about life and how i manage to achieve the goal iv set.
as a returning for this community and great thanks once its done ill post a link with a pdf so you guys can get it for free here.

about latest success,
Am developing my Push Pull and my alpha behavior and i mastered the "attraction gaze"
its a way of looking that gets me constant ioi's. Its the kind of gaze that if you do it with a bro he freaks out and usual y you get the "WTF ARE YOU DOING BRO" reaction. How ever if you do this with women you get at least 2 IOI's in a row.

Then iv discovered that a 4 set is the max amount of people that can have a conversation with each other. if you make it a 5 set by adding you, it becomes option A a speach, option B the conversation splits up.

So far on that,
no resent f closes but i will get to it.

Comments are more then welcome!

Stay natural,