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    Default I get negative responses from almost all the girls

    I don't know why. I'm in state but they still blow me off xD is it normal?

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    Default Re: I get negative responses from almost all the girls

    It depends. Here are some things you need to consider.

    1. How is your appearance? Are you shaved, nice clothes, nice haircut(if you have hair), smell nice etc etc.

    2. How is your attitude? Are you coming across as a goof? Try too hard? Are you desperate for attention? Or are you friendly but ultimately act like your confidence and self esteem are dependent on her approval. Be a bit mysterious.

    3. What is the environment in which you are approaching them? Is it a social situation or a grocery store? Is it a loud bar or club or crowded place and is she there with her friends and doesn't want to be bothered? Get them to at least say hey or hi back to you and look for eye contact and some kind of interest(ie a smile or body language in which they position themselves toward you).

    4. Are you trying to calibrate? In other words are you backing off at the slightest signs of disinterest(which in some cases is ok otherwise you might look desperate)or are you approaching women who have smiled or are friends of friends or other situations where it's ok to talk to them?

    Work on those four things. If you do and are able to get all them handled I can pretty much guarantee you will see better results.

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