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    Default Personal Manifest to Pick Up Mastery: Self-Improvement

    Living on Dreams & Distractions

    When you look at a picture you probably see one of two things.
    The Image
    The Perception

    That's how I perceive Pick Up. Dreams and Distractions.

    Sure you can look at it and say Inner Game, Inner Game, Inner Game until you are blue in the face but until you actually DO IT, and learn the process nothing changes. That much is universal.

    But there is something less universal that I found in all my soul-searching. Granted we can get into all this theory and debate on how you wanna break down every little thing or why do it this way and not another way but the main problem comes done to the what.

    What are you doing to improve your Pick Up everyday?
    A. Going out?
    B. Going out?

    C. Going out (practice makes perfect)

    We all know douchebags don't go out and are hung up on that one girl. Is what many Gurus strive to teach you? To do when you go out? Get hung up?

    No, no, no

    That theory is proven. THE ONLY WAY TO GET CHICKS IS GO OUT. Undisputed.
    Unrivaled. But it is that what you're doing while you're out there? Getting hung up?

    And what if what you were wearing things out that caused all this to happen? And trouble came and she left? What then? Would things turn out a different way?

    I pondered
    I searched
    I listened

    And what did I find???

    Freedom, Providence, Liberty
    Yes Liberty

    And what would it look like if you effected it?

    So I re-invented myself. Improved myself. Trained my body. Trained my mind. Mastered my approach. Sure I could do all this but was it worth it? Was I getting anything out of it? Then I had it.

    Outer Game. I thought that is something I can take home to mama.

    Spend all my time talking to these girls getting nothing but dust and ashes.

    Having money gets old.

    But getting b!tches THAT never gets old. Or at least I thought.

    Until I found out the path to self-improvement now that is something that will truly stand the test of time even after I am done screwing around.

    I get higher off myself than chicks now. If I DO GOOD. I MYSELF. Then I am legit.

    She can do whatever but without myself first I find nothing. So I go out with a purpose now. To look better. To feel better. To do better.

    Gym, Clothes, Tatts

    To improve my Outer Game

    Or better put I do it to feel better about myself thus impacting myself 180 impacting my self-improvement.

    I know I know, my money could be better spent on strippers and alcohol.

    I know what you're going to say. Go out, you should've gone out and spent that money on strippers and alcohol not tattoos and clothes. Why not spend that money going out getting b!tches? Like I said that gets old. Now that I've done all this self-work I go out high on myself. High on life. Now. Now that. B!tches love.

    Because. It's the image.

    Like I said you can look at the picture and say "Yeah I can do this without a single drop of ink"

    But I on the other hand cannot. I look at this picture and see no other way. The tattoos have become a part of my identity. Part of my purpose here.

    Now let's rehash.

    I got tattooed for women.

    Due to all the HB10 references to men being hot (who were also tattooed) on social media I slowly craved it (the attention) I started getting tattooed 2 years ago in spite of all your efforts and others to try and stop me.

    I know I know, my money could be better spent on strippers and alcohol.

    Or so you think

    I can always blow money on strippers and alcohol. But I won't always be able to get inspired.

    It's about inner game Jack, INNER GAME.

    Yes I realize this Young Grasshopper. I will be the first to tell you Inner Game gets you every lay, every phone number, every bit of validation. After all if naturals can do it so can you. But why would you want to be like them?

    There are different ways of looking at the same picture after all.

    That's why many guys come on here saying "you can get girls naturally you don't need Pick Up." blah blah blah.

    Sure you can. Sure they can. Sure they do. Everyone does. But I cannot. I will not. I will do it this way. My way.

    So I went in with no inhibitions. Be myself. My skinny paled-up self. Did it work? Yeah. But slowly they complained. They said. You're too skinny. Too pale. Too weird. But I came out a weirder. Do natural guys get laid more? Not the point. Any guy can go out and get laid. I got in this to get laid long term.

    Anyway getting laid is in the cards let you know when it goes down again.

    I'm classy not trashy I didn't join Pick Up to merely sleep with a bunch of girls. I could have done that in High School. I joined to get a girlfriend, find a soulmate, life partner, get in a relationship, etc.

    Can I do said things now? Yes. Before? No. It was too difficult. Too challenging. I saw a girl pre-pick and longed for her but didn't have the guts or courage to approach her.

    Now I kinda chuckle at that thought. I think about relationships and almost gag. I am in one every Summer. It's no longer Science it's Math. Predictability where it used to be just a theory.

    But the problem I'm not always in one is I keep upgrading higher and higher (HB8>HB9, HB9>HB10) so I end up getting rid of whoever is lying around. Now I am at goal. At peak performance (getting 9's and 10's)

    So then why the tattoos?

    Because an 3 HB10's said this

    "Tattoos are my weakness"
    "A b!tch will never chase a man but she just might power walk for a man with muscles and tattoos"
    "Guys with sleeves are sooo hot"

    In other words
    Zebras love candy
    I love Unicorns
    Mermaids make me come alive

    So in essence I got tattoos for women (my secret) but they have become a part of me and my life.

    Seeing this trend over and over I finally caved to my cravings and here I am two sleeves and two years later.

    We just started my second sleeve.

    What's changed?

    I'm more confident now. Not just in the Gym. I mean REALLY confident.

    Sure people looked at me weird before but now they follow me around! And yet I thought I was the weird one!

    I was being followed around Walmart sporting my new tattoo sleeve! I feel like hide your children hide your kids because I am tatted and all this. All my life has boiled down to this moment. I have been chasing women forever. But now I feel like they won't stop chasing me.

    People staring. People lurking. People wondering.....

    What is that? Where did it come from? How long? How much did it hurt?

    It hurt like hell. But funny enough it symbolizes the women who have hurt me to become this. To become what I am.

    I mean haven't they seen tattoos before?

    Not like this they haven't.

    I get it. You see sleeves in the gym or in magazines but not in real life.

    You don't see this everyday.

    It costs a fortune. Don't let anyone fool you. Don't get a tattoo unless you really want to. And you won't stop at just one. They hurt and they are expensive.

    So what happens? Dunno. Haven't hit Summer yet with TWO SLEEVES. Last Summer I had one sleeve and I was getting hit on constantly! I mean constant!

    Now with two? I've upped my game!

    My first conversation with a girl after walking out with a new tattoo sleeve (number two)

    Exhibit A
    Girl approaches me (yet again) while entering Gamestop.

    Girl: I have to talk to you!
    Girl: I love your sleeves can I see
    Me: Yeah what do you wanna ask
    Girl: I want to get a back piece blah blah blah
    Me: Cool
    Girl: do you have a girlfriend?
    Me: Girlfriendssss
    Girl: hehehe (chuckles)
    Girl: I see you got game so I am not going to ask how many
    Girl: My name is Keila I like long walks on the beach...
    Me; Haha I'm not interested but nice try though
    Me: Keep trying
    Girl: Trying is something you can fail at but I will do it though!

    You could say "well Jack that would have happened without all the tatts!" Sure grasshopper but you forget I've been there. I've been there (untatted) for 28 yrs of my life. But this? This never happened!

    Random complete strangers feel it an obligation no a right to approach me and ask and comment

    What is that?
    I like that.
    Where did you get it?
    Can I see it?
    Did it hurt?
    How long did it take?
    Is that new?

    Constant attention. for a pick up artist this was the advantage I needed and loved.

    Just from this simple conversation you will learn a lot about me, it shows not only how my inner game has evolved but also my Outer Game.

    Exhibit B
    1st: no Oneitis (Girlfriendsss comment)
    2nd: She said qoute "I see you've got game so I won't ask" When I said nothing about being a Pick Up Artist. Which shows you not only the perception how Pick Up invaded the natural world but also how girls think. And lastly how I've become more of a master (hence the validation).
    3rd: I dismissed her. No phone number exchange. No pickup attempted. I got my game on lock. I target who I want when I want how I want. Like a glove. But things used to be different much different.

    But it wasn't my intention to get sleeves. It was my intention to get 1 single tattoo. But something happened I fell in love with the process. Due to my perceptions (guys are soo hot with tattoos) I was like this could make me hotter, and so could this.

    It just kept going.

    To a full sleeve. And it was true. My second tattoo a hot chick at the gym said "DAMN!!!" when she saw my new ink for the first time (among other comments).

    To more and more. Every time I got a new one more and more chicks wanted to see. My boss wanted to see. My girlfriend wanted to see.

    So I was like....


    Not saying anyone here needs to do that just me. This is my game.

    This Summer will be different because I will be entering Summer for the first time with TWO SLEEVES now. I can only imagine now the constant barrage of hot chicks hitting on me will continue but now I think maybe more out of control.

    Before with Sleeve 1 I was being approached by HB10's on the reg. I don't know what it was like before because I never Picked up a HB10 successfully until after being tattooed so I can't tell you what it was like since it never happened till now post-tattooing.

    But it happens so regularly that hot chicks or even HB10's hitting on me constatnly is completely normal.

    So what is my next plan?

    Get more tattoos obviously. But more importantly see how they respond now with two sleeves instead of one. I haven't been in a Club or Bar yet with two sleeves so I am very excited to see what happens.

    All in all to sum it up just as I originally thought but I realize it more than ever
    b!tches love tattoos

    So since we can all agree with that guess who is going to be stared down like a mother in the gym on Monday?

    Who's going to be hit on shamelessly at the Bar and other Beer type events?

    And I turn it all around to say it is a bit like I am a freak of nature with the two sleeves (being followed, approached, talking points, questions, etc over the tattoos)

    And being that women mostly rejected me early in life to become a Pick Up Artist it is only fitting I got tattoos for Pick Up since now chicks that approach me realize I have game with nearly zero communication shows you I've begun to master my Inner Game skills along with my Outer Game ones and this is apart of who I am.

    People that see me see all these tattoos. But I see a Pick Up Artist because I know why I got them. People have different reasons but my reason is pretty unique. Maybe that's why my tattoos are unique too.

    So you look at it and say well he's got game. I look at it and say well I taught myself the game. Never heard of any Pick Up artist doing this. Tattooing himself and sacrificing his body to meet women. But I have. Every time that needle goes in and I feel how much it hurts I remember how hot I will be and how much women have hurt me. And also how much they are gonna love me. So I get a high off it. The pain.

    So you can look at it and say
    Pick Up is just getting good at getting b!tches man

    And you can do that but for me it was getting good at that plus improving my skills, then improving my body, then joining a gym, then getting a tattoo, then many tattoos, also improving my wardrobe, and my vocabulary, and library. To now.

    It's a lifestyle, it's who I am.

    So you see it's not that I am getting all these tattoos. It's that I got one tattoo, people never left it alone women never stopped asking about it so I never stopped getting them. Now it's more a lifestyle. One I've been slowly mastering.

    So when you say well that's a lot to get laid I say I am having the time of my life. Now my body with all the ink demands attention. Being ignored so long to chicks throwing themselves at me shows how I've gone from no game to the master of the game. Now I play on my terms.

    So we'll see this Summer what they think of my sleeve...

    After all I didn't do it to be noticed but now they can't help themselves but notice me! They have to touch me. Find more tattoos.

    So you see it's a quest. For me and them. And I am going to conquer it.
    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
    Love is a game that's why I don't worry about it anymore. When you let go of your feelings you find your meaning.

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    Default Re: Personal Manifest to Pick Up Mastery: Self-Improvement

    You could be the spokesperson for the tattoo industry. But you must agree, guys can get virtually any women without tattoos.
    "Cause people are funny and they donít know what they want when they have it
    Itís only things they donít know that they can believe in"

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    Default Re: Personal Manifest to Pick Up Mastery: Self-Improvement

    Quote Originally Posted by HollywoodCA View Post
    You could be the spokesperson for the tattoo industry. But you must agree, guys can get virtually any women without tattoos.

    Heck yeah lol. I emphasized any guy can do without tattoos my emphasis was I chose not to do without. Wanting every advantage I can get. They do help. Man chicks were creepin before now they are gonna be mega creepin
    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
    Love is a game that's why I don't worry about it anymore. When you let go of your feelings you find your meaning.

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