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Thread: Sometimes it is boring to Sarge alone.

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    Default Sometimes it is boring to Sarge alone.

    Hey Fellas,

    Today i wana share my feelings about to be alone in the fieeld. Actually i dunno if it is good, that in my place noone knows game. So i am alone.I have people around me but types of guys but noone is natural good with girls and i am offering to teach game but somepoint either they really suck or they are not interesting. People are sometimes really stupid. I do not get the ideolog, everbody wanna bang girls but they do nothing.

    From that pointing i am sarging alone. As you know there are some difficulties about it, i should give them too much energy to get numbers and occupy others all the time. It is un actually but need a wing here.

    So is the question: am i tired of sarging alone?

    I am player till i go grave.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: Sometimes it is boring to Sarge alone.

    Going out alone is fine. It served me well. Sometimes having a wing is a pain in the ass, if they're not
    good. They can slow you down and you can't be as flexible as by yourself. I thought of myself as a matador - me alone vs the bull (going into sets). I remember parking alone, walking into this lounge -not knowing a single person - and then going into an 8 set - and 30 minutes later - being the center of attention, making them laugh, having girls compete for me, etc. Walked out thinking, that was very gratifying - all alone being able to do that, matador style.
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    Default Re: Sometimes it is boring to Sarge alone.

    I am going to mainly go out alone and see how it works out. I have a Mindset that I am reluctant to share(because I think it's so powerful)but I will anyway. Basically, I will go out and see which girls win the jackpot(or the grand prize if you like). The jackpot of course is me. Most girls won't win but I'm hoping there is at least one lucky girl who isn't afraid to pull the lever and win the big prize(me). I'm routing for them but it seems like most women out there won't have what it takes to win big. I know it might sound a bit silly but I think it will help me from feeling like I am getting rejected. Instead the woman is rejecting herself(and not winning the prize).

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