I started following a new pick up methodology from a book recently.

This methodology has been really easy to follow and is specialized for online dating pick up. It gave me advice for going from creating a profile to messaging a lot of girls to getting a date to banging them.

One great thing it covered that gets around a lot of the problems with online dating is something called the 5 Message Rule. It's used from the opening message to girls online to planning a time and place to meet with a girl. It's really about minimizing the number a of messages you send to the girl before you meet up with her. She's less likely to get to the stage where she just loses interest and does not message you back; Something that is very common with online dating.

It also gave me advice on what dates to do to efficiently bang girls as quickly as possible while spending as little money as possible. What I do now for my dates online is I just pick them up from the subway, then go to 7 Eleven for slurpees (costs less than $4), then go to my place to watch Netflix. From there I do Kino-Escalation to hookup. It works a lot of the time. Sometimes the girls don't like it and want me to drop them off but I get way better results than I used to. I don't even have to think anymore for my dates really. I just follow the same routine with some variance. The dates take around 1.5-4 hours of my time and the girls are almost always going out of their way to come to a place convenient for me to pick them up.

The book is called How to Win Women and Influence Pussy. It started off funny with a very funny narrative, then got to the point with a lot of technical details of what to do.

What do you guys think of a methodology like this?