Ok, so a little over 12 months ago I took somewhat of a hiatus from the world of PU. I had so much on at the time that I didn't have the time or the energy to deal with the games and everything else that goes with it.

I was going through the process of buying my first apartment (A really shitty broker and solicitor made this way more stressful than it had to be), I was best man for my brother's wedding - which was overseas, just to add some difficulty to the organising! I had recently broken up with a girl I was seeing too which sent my anxiety into overdrive.
Looking back it doesn't seem like much but I can still remember quite vividly how stressful it was at the time.

Anyway, the plan was to just focus on myself and what I had coming up over the next 12 months or so and that's exactly what I have done! I only have a month left until I move into my apartment, I'm planning a trip to Europe next year for a good mate's wedding, I've started playing basketball again this year, back into the gym 5 days a week, have formed a couple of really good social circles, and just really enjoying life. All in all; just in a really good place at the moment.

So why the early return/point of this post you ask?
Well I wasn't planning on getting back on the horse, so to speak, until I had moved in and settled into my apartment but low and behold life has dropped a pretty amazing HB right smack in front of me and she ticks quite a few of my boxes.
So far things are going OK but I've noticed my text game is nowhere near where it used to be, and I still catch myself doing some pretty AFC shit from time to time.

I guess if there's any real point to this post it's the realisation that it's amazing how much you forget or how lazy you can become without continual practice of something even when you feel like it's ingrained in your mind.
Other than that I'm going to use it as somewhat of an accountability post. Do with it what you will.