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Thread: chemistry

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    Coyote Guest

    Default chemistry

    this young lady and i have made a strong connection. she has asked me about open relationships and told me that she doesn't believe in marriage. i mostly believe her that she believes this though i also think she has sussed me out and wants to be with me and is prepared to have her own life if i have mine. i feel she really likes me and enjoys seeing me.

    i gotta i really like her. she is one of the best chicks i have met in ages. as gf material she is awesome. i am not getting carried away though and have a lot of work to do or game to play with my life. i feel she wants to be part of my life. some blokes are taken with her and others can't cop her cos she is a real woman.

    we have arranged that we will see each other this thursday. i think i can only spare an hour so i am gonna be flying in and out again.

    in an hour at her workplace, what can i do? any ideas? be as lewd and filthy as you like or as practical.... please don't go over the top with romance and shit though. at least i hope none of you give some chump shit about roses and chocolates et al...

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    Default Re: chemistry

    looks like this little kitten just wants to party... have a plan that involves some sort of contact/Kino (maybe spend the hour doing the cube on her or something with lots of proximity... don't leave without a kiss

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: chemistry

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Preston View Post
    looks like this little kitten just wants to party... have a plan that involves some sort of contact/Kino (maybe spend the hour doing the cube on her or something with lots of proximity... don't leave without a kiss
    we are sorta getting a bit matey and we both know we like each other...
    i went today. wing was real keen and we helped her get her stuff out for opening her work and she was stressed and busy and all that.... my wing got going and i just sorta listened to her and felt her heart out for what was stressing her...

    didn't sort it out. coulda been that time of month.i did support her and calm her a bit and talked about things and i wasnt gonna get a kiss but i said i want her on my facebook so she gave me the details and accepted the request when i was on my way home a bit later

    she is going home for the week in another state and i think she has a few things. i am just telling her that whatever she does is ok. she wants me to visit her tomorrow and i sent her a note saying it probably wont happen but have a good time at her mates wedding back home.

    she wants to tell me something and she asked about open relationships. is reading books i give her. we have a good connection... i think maybe she is afraid i wont like her. she isnt happy in her work environment and she is getting into acting again.... i think she needs support and a bit of companionship. suits me well as i am not that keen on getting to involved in an exclusive relationship

    i should see how it is next week when she gets back from queensland and i gotta keep grooming other babes in the meantime

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: chemistry

    dropped in as she requested before she goes home for the weekend and got a better perspective. no need to get obsessed with this one. she is playing it loose and yeah she wants to party and no she aint giving away much to me.

    she thinks i am cute and treats me as such but doesnt believe for a second that i would get out of her clutches. i am speaking shit to her and she just sorta listens to my voice and not me as she is preoccupied with other shit. i trip her up a bit and tease her and she started waking up and she liked being invigorated by my teasing but she maintains that distance.

    no kiss. added me on facebook but she thinks i look up to her. its good she has a healthy opinion of herself but my teasing and flirting must be a little too sophisticated

    keeps the energy up otherwise so i am leaving her on the backburner and playing with others

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: chemistry

    this little kitten don't know entirely what she wants. says she definitely has no plans to get married. got in touch with me tonight now that she is back at work and back from her mate's wedding interstate. she appreciated my contact and takes my path as positive thanking me for advice. i told her i wasn't offering her advice, i was merely suggesting or sharing my experience... i have no vested interest in what she does.

    she wants to party to some extent, needs adventure...

    i am setting up boundaries that i dont want to have a drink with her at her workplace as her workmates are very negative and needy (and immature). too many things there distract her and I want to see her in another location where i have her to myself.

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: chemistry

    pretty good rapport.
    idle chatter back and forth on facebook
    expanded as much as i want to for now, now withdrawing or contracting for the weekend

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: chemistry

    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote View Post
    pretty good rapport.
    idle chatter back and forth on facebook
    expanded as much as i want to for now, now withdrawing or contracting for the weekend
    did see her as it turns out. we got chatting on the friday and i said i would see her. she was thrilled and we had a small scene together and parted ways. she is posting a bit on line and i think bill said it that she wants to party so we are meeting out easy enough and the rapport is nice.

    we set up hanging out tomorrow which is good. she asked me about the open relationship and i like the way this is going

    my game is still geared around other things. sex is easy enough if worst comes to worst but there is always something to amuse.... relationships....? hmmm, i want to change the format of relationships, that is break out of the conventional moulds.

    when one has game or work going on relationships help depending on your flavour and sex is a biological need. but what about other parts of our game that keep us moving along equally. buidling communities, strength.???

    is currency backed by pussy and quality of?? cos there is a lot of shit to consider in building a world for oneself. each to their own, but i am asking for help with things from these little 'dates' i have with a few babes to other things in understanding the environments i find myself in and how to navigate them...

    anyone able to back emselves in giving me a decent hand. this girl has taken it upon herself to help me so the race if halfway there i guess

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: chemistry

    me and this girl are seeing a bit of each other now. we have a good connection and we share a bit of care for each other. i have encouraged her to leave a work situation where she was being taken advantage of. she is coming out with me and will accompany me in what is a work environment for me, where a beautiful girl will help me with my career and doing what i need to in that environment.

    i can still slip down the AFC path and get one-itus cos i have caught this one. i like her and she and i like each other yet we both have a sense of independence. i would like to meet a few other girls and spend some time with others...

    i guess i need to work out what my goals are or reassess

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    janet986w Guest

    Default Re: chemistry

    Hi !
    I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.


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