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    Default Day game field report.

    Ok so this morning I decided I would go practice a bit of day game. So I went to our local mall here, which was totally dead… hardly anything legal walking around. So I walk into a small mens boutique and get greated with a big smile and hello by the friendly sales girl, who just happened to be a solid HB8.5 with an a$$ that was a solid 11! So I decided I haven’t done a hired hand in a while so here it goes:
    Her: Hey welcome to Buckle your shopping early
    Me: (Smile ) yeah got to get it started early to enjoy the full day off.
    Her: well that’s cool just one day off?
    Me: Yeah I had to work the big concert this weekend so only got one day off.
    Her: Oh that’s cool was it a good show? I heard Taylor Swift was terrible.
    Me: I wouldn’t know I was dealing with the job, but I can only imagine she was terrible, cause she was a real b1tch when we had to deal with her.
    Her: NO WAY!
    Me: yeah totally, guess its that whole c shape vs. u shaped smile thing. (run the c shaped routeen, I know its canned and old but hell it an oldie but a good one)
    Her: that’s crazy never thought about that before.
    About this time the craziest thing and best thing happened, a flower delivery guy walks in ask for her and hands her a dozen red roses, she is freaked out cause she doesn’t even know who they are from.
    ME: HAHAH nice got guys sending them to you even at work!
    Her: yeah guess its my good looks huh?
    Me: huh… yeah something like that, but you know beauty is common, what really matters is a good energy, good attitude, and solid outlook. Well you have two of the three so we are off to a good start. (She kinos me here touches my arm smiles and laughs says ill be right back going put of these flowers.)
    HB returns:
    ME: So what did your boyfriend piss you off this weekend?
    Her: lol, I don’t have a boy friend, I have some boys that might think they are my boyfriend but their not.
    ME: OHHH so you think your some type of player or something then?
    Her: No no its not like that, I just have commitment issues…
    Me: Understandable, but isn’t that normally the guys roll?
    Her: HAH yeah guess I’m just not that traditional.
    Me: guess you pretty adventuress then
    Her: oh totally, that’s my problem I just love to have a good time! Whats your name btw?
    Me: My friends call me XXX.
    Her: Cool im Brandy.
    Me: So if your super adventurous and non traditional what’s the craziest thing your done recently?
    Her: oh idk, we kind of got wild for graduation last week.
    Me: WOOOOW that’s really crazy… lol
    Her: Yeah well then what’s yours then Mr super cool?
    Me: A few weeks ago I did a naked skydive with a bunch of people. Landed on a beach on the gulf coast.
    Her: What? Ok that is a bit crazy!
    Me: Which part the skydive or the naked part?
    Her Both!
    ME: yeah it’s a bit wild, but it’s a trip! You should go do it some time it will really rock your world. Tell you what, when you come out and jump ill come fly along and shoot a video of it for you.
    Her: Totally! But I think id be scared…
    Me: Your only as scared as you let yourself be.
    Her: would you still shoot it if I was naked?
    Me: I thought that was already agreed to be a requirement!
    Her: Your trouble.
    Me: I know, id be so toxic for you. This could never work out, Im gonna have to break up with you now…
    Her: LOL
    Me: Ok for real I got to get out of here, what steps could we take to continue this conversation later?
    Her: Im off at 3:30, heres my number ###-###-####
    Me: Cool ill hit you up.
    Her: You better.
    I hate when the only thing I can get is a Number Close, but in this situation I couldn’t do anything else. Im going to hit her up with a text later and get her to a bar room sometime in the next two weeks. I feel like im in. I was getting tons of IOIs from her, and kino as well (more than was noted). So I feel im good to go with her. Now to tackle the worst part of my game, time bridges and phone game!
    I haven’t been in the field in almost a month due to work and other things so it felt good to at least get a number close.
    Questions here: How could I have worked more dhv in here. I felt out of patern with my normal game, but then again I was working with a hired hand and couldn’t isolate and work that angle. She was by herself so it was a one set so no shotgun negs. I was getting great body language from her. And like I said tons of IOIs.
    Second: My phone game sucks. Im not going to lie, so how should I play this?
    Third: I tried to get her to qualify herself to me with the adventurous thing, did I accomplish this and how could I have done it better?

    Anything else I missed please feel free to discuss!
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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Day game field report.

    depends if you want to achieve a goal or experience her for what she is. i tend to think progress not perfection. sounds like an opportunity to get in and out quick, and there is alot of illusion and bullshit - but hey you both know the game and what you are in for... a chick like Brandy who seems to think she is pretty savvy could be a good ally. if its too complicated screw her if thats all she wants... and you both take responsibility.

    sounds like a pretty good sorta 'problem' to have mate

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