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Thread: Where to shop?

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    Default Where to shop?

    I live in Nashville, TN. I am 23 years old. I'm not in my teeny sceney phase anymore and have shed a lot of my old influences. I'm now influences heavily by the "classic gentlemen" such characters on Mad Men.

    Of coarse this doesn't mean I wear the one suit I own every day. I just want to dress well, prep school like. If my old goth self from when I was 14 ever heard me say that, he would of cried to the Cure for hours.

    Point being. I'm now 198 lbs, but not fast. I still somewhat have abs, and am working on getting fit. My clothes are all old and dated and a large majority don't fit anymore since I gained FOURTY lbs since highschool. Like I said, still not fat.

    So where's a good reasonable store to shop? I'm still in my last year of college and don't have a good salary job yet so the price has to be right. I was thinking Urban Outfitters or American Apparel downtown, but those places get way pricey and scream of my old ways.

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    Default Re: Where to shop?

    I'm guessing the Mafia Look or Elite Businessman no problem,

    One style that grabs alot of attention is a powersuit (in Fashion Terms, go ahead google it under "men powersuit")it has stripes going down the blazer, including the pants, alot of CEO, Owners, and Millionaires wear these to work.

    Another Style is the Mafia Look

    target hold good Dress Pants Called Merona, it has Polyester/Rayon, Ive worked in autoparts store for about 2 years & they're still kicking, also they have a semi gloss shine that stands out alot!.

    you can visit second hand stores (goodwill, second hand shop) ive came across High end vintage clothing that i get alot of compliments on, and you cant get anywhere else either (unique)you may have to dry-clean them though

    one blazer i paid 10$ value, real value is about 800$ made in italy, i actually drove 500 miles to find it, and the high end stores in Downtown San Fransisco didn't have it, eventually i found one in my small local town second hand was crazy!

    some long-sleeve shirts 5$, real value around 300$..

    i have to note that these two styles have to have the best shoes, if your shoes are not glossy or high end looking, the entire suit will fail..

    on shoes you have two routes, research Italian brands & get them cheap on ebay used or buy some from your local store, i was fortunate of coming across some Italian shoes my sisters found in a yard sale, they are amazing...they produce no sweat in your feet aka no odor, but they up there though $300+ brand new.

    its strange but people judge you by your shoes first before anything else...

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