My Experience Interning For Vince Kelvin
The boot camp was fucking insane, I actually got to watch Vince destroy girls in person, I literally watched him come down to the lobby at the Roosevelt with about 6 girls then he was off again to grab another group of about 5 girls and brought them to party with him at the limo. The funny part was, I had missed the first day of the bootcamp and missed the last day but the little that I watched him demonstrate was insane. To get an idea of this, it is like watching his youtube clips and then seeing him really pull it off live. It really blows your reality out of the water.

My experience at the academy was life changing not only did I have my model of reality shattered but we got amazing workouts, hypno-therapy, and spiritual healing as well as watching Vince leave at 3 In the morning in the middle of a conversation to find a girl and pull her. I as well as most of the guys at the academy would be dead tired and running on very little sleep because we would be so pumped after getting our asses kicked by Mario, then Vinceís lectures and drills (which are amazing by the way, they really help you get the material in your mind and the cool part is, is that he doesnít give you too much to overwhelm you), that we would forget that we hadnít slept or eaten and would still go out infield and push ourselves till 2 or 3 in the morning. We were never able to grasp our bearings and we had to get used to that because the next day it would be the same thing, he would change it up on us and work us harder. We never really got used to it but we learned to make due. It did teach us some valuable lessons though, and that was, we had to become comfortable in random situations, become resourceful, find a way when we thought their wasnít a way, and lastly to grow up, grow a pair and stop making excuses for why we cannot or shouldnít do something and instead find more reasons why this would be beneficial for ourselves. My personal results blew my mind and on the first day at the academy I had a same day lay (Stripper from Australia), then in the following days 4 insta-dates (I almost slept with another girl from the insta-date), 35-40 new contacts, got about 10 girls to show up to the limo party with the help of my wing, (We threw that limo party from scratch, literally every girl there we had brought we got from cold approach) 100 or so new pictures with girls, 5-10 makeouts (I didnít even know we could do this during the day) super crazy scenarios and time constraints we had to approach girls under, gaming while not having had a shower for half the week, some new friends and an amazing mentor to continue training and growing with. I didnít realize this until I had sat down at work but everything that Vince had put us through was really nothing but a metaphor and lessons we could take and translate into picking up women, the man may have a crazy teaching method that people may not agree with but if I had to do it all over again I would do it the exact same way. I am so grateful to have been able to have this experience and learn what I did, it was an experience I wouldnít trade for anything. Thank you to Vince and all the guruís who he brought to impart there wisdom to us during the academy. If you are still wondering whether you should train with Vince, I will say this now. I never believed in taking a bootcamp because I didnít see the worth while benefit but being as Vince was the first person I took a bootcamp with, I now whole hearted see the value in what he teaches as well as the value that he gives for the minimal money that it requires (which is insanely small). Vince is definitely the real deal and definitely puts his money where his mouth is.

As of up to date I am interning with him and I can say that I am glad I am doing it, because now I can continue my progress with him right next to me whenever I need anything which is awesome. I get one on one time with Vince and heís a hell of a work-a-holic but he truly loves to help and give value to everyone as well as his students and help them improve, even though he barely has enough time to get everything done. I am able to go sarging with him for an hour a day everyday, I have all of his programs around me that I can look at in my extra time, he is always giving world class advice on whatever you need from business to health, as well as he will always hold you to a higher standard when doing anything and he pushes you to give 100% at whatever you do and nothing less. He also doesnít change in his everyday life he is still as nice and inspirational as he is when he is doing workshops or bootcamps, but he is also just as crazy infield as well.

Oh and if anybody is interested he is looking for more interns, so hit him or me up if youíre interested.