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    Default Empowering a woman.

    Now, I know this concept might come strange to most of you guys. (or maybe not). But, how do you guys feel about empowering a woman, basically, instead of making the relationship about what you want, making it more of long term project. Let me explain.

    I met this girl couple months ago, HB9, smashed, etc etc, but I'm still talking to her. And I can't explain why, after a while most girls just fade away to me, but, not this one. And this can't really work for me cause her life is just a mess. She's not a Stripper but I had to talk her out of becoming one. So, we had serious talks, I don't like having serious talks, they suck, and I know I can be a huge positive input in her life, not forcing anything, but, sometimes it doesn't take a lot. But, something tells me not to, something tells me that I'm being captain save-a-hoe and I'm simping. I realize I'm a horrible person if I just let this be, because this shit is literally not difficult to me.

    But I don't know, I still have regrets, I mean, I don't get anything out of it, except maybe feeling good about myself about it.

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    Default Re: Empowering a woman.

    it's one thing to put in time and try to generate something through time.... like i met this girl while she works at this retail store, I go back every 4-5 weeks and just say hi and flirt and text maybe once or twice in between, simply because I don't care enough to chase, but its a slow working project.

    Sometimes you may need to take longer because she's struggling from a LTR breakup and you need to take the time to prove to her your trust and such...

    YOUR cse is like you're a friend she's leaning on, and she'll always see you as the go-to guy.. but nothing more .. UNLESS you start shaping the nature of the friendship... you help her with life decision, you need to get something back.. not necessarily sexual stuff...

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