It's been a full year since I've joined this forum. Although I've been lurking on it for a while, I decided to sign up because I had broken up with my then girlfriend. And the road from last year up until this very moment has been full of moments of agony and ecstasy, fulfillment and disappointment, both comfortable and uncomfortable situations where I wouldn't normally be. And there have been a lot of stuff that transformed me at a cellular level.

- A complete overhaul of my behavior towards women. It's as if it re-designed itself on it's own to be successful with them
- My very own personal breakthroughs with women and life in general

While this doesn't seem like much, if I have to pinpoint every single change that has happened since then, I would've been talking about a completely different person, even though on the outside nothing has really changed ( except for the hairdo ). I'm talking new habits, new outlook on life, new understanding of life and how it works, new approach to talking and behaving around women and so on and so forth.

It's incredible how one community can change you. What's even more incredible is how you can change yourself into what you want to be if you really want to. And even though I started my journey in 2004-ish, I feel like it's just beginning. There's a whole lot of women who haven't met me yet, but I'm sure as hell they want to.

Now, it's time to take shit to the next level. To become the ultimate bad-ass PUA and human being ever to grace this planet.