Just wanted to share a technique of my own. This is an exercise I use to develop opening to a girl. I usually do it at work, (luckily my job enables me to approach) on the way home from work or when I'm out running some errands. I will try and catch eyes with a random girl, count 1,2, and on 3, if she is still maintaining eye contact, or breaks and then comes back to it, say hi and smile at her. Watch her reaction, did she smile? Did she giggle? Did she blush? Did she roll her eyes? This is a great way to learn how to interpret body language. Remember all you're after is a reaction, nothing else, although sometimes you will make a connection. Simply initiate and observe the reaction. Or you can try and catch the same girls eye 3 times. Make contact, break, make contact, break, make contact, smile and say hi. Usually if you can catch it 3 times its clear for opening. Good luck.