For the past 5 months. I have not met a single girl or ventured into the game.. All I am doing is focusing on my career, fitness and life. As a matter of fact I dont have a life, all I do everyday is go to work, go to the gym in the evening and work at night on an online project with a couple of people online. So all I do is hang out with colleagues, people at the gym and family at home.
I feel comfortable, relaxed and secure living life like this. I feel that my mind is clear and I am not frustrated about not having a female companion. I am focused and doing things more successfully, I feel mature and alpha more than ever. With such attitude I even feel more confident than ever with females.

I think that I will let it come as it is, as soon as I meet an interesting person, I will go with the flow and let things happen naturally. I dont know why we have to rush ourselves for it? Most people dont need a game and live life happily even if they dont have a female companion for a very long time.. Its like a false obsession somehow..

Now, there is alot of interesting points here that help alot but I think most of the problem is the obsession.

Isnt that right?