Ok guys I don't know if anyone else has ever experienced "The Vibe" before? At the top of my game I could literally approach any girl 9-10 etc. Not only approach them but on one occasion I didn't say a word to her at all, I will explain this later. Of course this was about a year ago my game has since went down because I have been in iraq. So it takes time to get back on top, and by the time I usually go back to Iraq, I work her permanently, anyway.

At the top of my game I literally got this feeling in my chest of a aura I don't know how to explain it. Comparatively it kind of felt like a runners high, but from game instead of running. It was just this massive feeling of confidence, leadership, and acceptance that was all around me i mostly felt it in my chest.IT WAS LITERALLY ABSOLUTELY AMAZING I FELT I OWNED THAT CLUB AND IT WAS MINE, I AHVE NEVER FELT BETTER! I know others felt it as well, I even had my close friends mention it.

As stated above the reason I know this is real and not just in my head is because I had a girl I didn't even know tell me! This is the story I had mentioned above. I was in the club with my friends about 3 weeks after the boot camp and I had been gaming every single day. So the last night before I went back to Iraq my friends and I end to the club. I started out the night picking up a 2 set that seemed bored (observation opener). i then took them upstairs to my friends and passed them off. My friend was like "what about you man, do you have a girl?" I said no don't worry about it just go dance and have fun. So about 3 minutes after they went down to dance I started heading down the stairs to the dance floor.

As I got down the stairs I saw a 9 looking at me . I softly locked eyes and gave her the smile and look that said "I am the man and I want to fark your brains out". She kept eye contact until I slowly broke it. I went to the next hall way and glanced back at her again as if to say "follow me". I turned the corner and picked a place against the stairs to lean on and sip my drink while checking out the dance floor.

About a minute later her and her friend rounded the corner. She glanced at me then started talking to her friend she then looked up again at me and gestured with a head nod "yes" (up and down motion). I walked over, didn't say a word, grabbed her and her friends hand and walked them upstairs to my table. I know WOW I couldn't believe it happened either but it did and i acted like it was nothing new (played it cool). The three of us started talking for about 15 minutes,then my friends came back. we sat and talked a while longer then I used the tequila kiss close on her, and got her number.

As we talked I asked her why she was so attracted? I had to know I was very curious. She said that I walked around like I owned the club. She then said... "do you own the club?". I was taken back needless to say I told her that I did not of course. This proves "THE VIBE" is real, I said nothing to this girl but she could feel that I was in charge.

I had to share this with you, if you have ever had that feeling in your chest , you will understand completely. If not keep working at it and you will. it is hands downy he best feeling I have ever had in my life. I felt as though I could literally do anything and that I was bullet proof (no I wasn't drunk lol).

How to achieve "THE VIBE"
1. I notice I feel best if I take a short nap before I go out and game

2. I workout then shower and get ready

3. I have a specific list of 4 songs I play before I get into the club that puts me in a game mood and helps me to build the vibe up. I also mentally picture me approaching a girl and being accepted.

4. start your night opening low sets such as HB3,4,5,6-10 work your way up! the more positive feed back you get the larger the vibe feels in you. This also works the opposite way if you are shot down I can literally feel my aura drop slightly. i know this may seem vary strange but it is real!

If you know this feeling and have any suggestions of how to increase this vibe let me know. because it does work and it is the most powerful thing I have ever felt in game.