I joined this site a little over half a year ago and I didn't know ANYTHING. I've been reading up on a lot of different things and just having the knowledge makes me feel more confident with women than ever before. However, I do know that a big problem people run into is not taking action. This is probably nothing to many of you but wiithin these past two months, I've attempted to close on girls for the first time in my life. And im talking about meeting somebody and getting their number within minutes. I didn't go through with it because the girls i met weren't as old as I wanted them to be, but I'm absolutely positive that I would've gotten their numbers. And tonight I actually went out of my way to go after somebody. At first I thought that I wouldn't have been able to say much else besides "hello" to her because I saw her in a store and she had already paid for her stuff, but then I noticed that she purposely slowed down and waited until I was done paying so that I could talk to her O.O ! Again, these are little things, but I know that I wouldn't have even noticed anything like that a year ago or known what to do about it. I have a feeling that I'll be closing for the first time very very soon.