Hey guys, new here.
I need help on a problem regarding a girl.
I explain, I have a good friend (friend01) who has a girlfriend (Girl01) and she likes me. I talk with her on FB and she flirts with me (she offered to give me a back massage without even asking her) she gives me ioi's whenever we meet. The thing is that from 4 days ago she doesent connect anymore. I have been running some routines on her, and from meetings and chat on FB i got somewhere to Comfort phase. I know that i could F close her, but i need help on how to continue.
I guess she might have some buyers remorse and she's not sure if to continue to chat with me.
Here comes the fun part, Girl01 has a sister (girl02), and girl02 likes me big time. she complies to my tests, she gives me Kino and IOI's every time we meet, i could K close her anytime.
And even more fun, friend01 also has a sister (girl03), and i have been running some game on her also, I think that with some qualification and comfort i could easily K close her in one date. What should I do? should I get with girl03 to make girl01 jealous?
in the next days girl01 will contact with me(i know she will ), what should i do, what to say??
Any other suggestions??