Hi everyone,
My name is James Miller, I am conducting a piece of research for my MSc Social Psychology dissertation at the University of Central Lancashire and am looking for people who would be kind enough to spare 30-40 minutes to complete a questionnaire for me.

To give you a bit of background on myself and what I'm trying to do: This 'pua' community helped me a great deal personally a couple of years ago when I found myself separated from my ex-wife and even more painfully my children. After being in a relationship for 9 years I was totally isolated with no friends to go out into town with. I tried to do something about my situation by going out on dates (arranged online) with women as often as I could but I found that my simply being a 'nice' guy was not enough to interest them. Clearly at that point I had no idea how attraction worked and my confidence with women was at rock bottom. I started looking for ways to build my confidence around women and stumbled upon this community. I was astonished by, and more importantly learned an incredible amount from, the various ebooks and dvds I came across and quickly realised that attracting women was almost a learnable artform and that successfully interacting with women was not at all what I'd previously thought it was.

I practiced these concepts and ideas at first by dating as often as I could and after meeting up with a local 'wingman' who became a very good friend to regularly go out into town with, I really started to see consistent results in terms of the greater control I gained over my own environment and situation, attracting women became so easy (something that I could not have believed possible 6 months previous) that it was no longer my main motivation for going out.

So it's easy to see why I initially became interested in attraction, but some of my counselling work suggests that for young men the ability to attract women (whether they choose to do so or not) is actually key in maintaing a healthy level of self esteem and belief in oneself. Indeed, depression and even particularly high suicide rates are rife in many mens early 20's and it is my contention that an important factor in this statistic is Isolation brought on by an inability to attract a desirable partner or perhaps a failure to maintain such key relationships. It seems that other aspects of life seem to fall into place as a direct result of conquering this area.

The present research attempts to explore the very nature of attraction by asking a series of questions about past experiences of dates that went well and dates that did not go so well. It is no secret that some dates go well and others donít, but comparing dates in this way might help us to explain just what the spark of attraction or chemistry between two people is based upon. Perhaps you have your own views on this? If so Iíd be more than happy to read and consider them and you will get the chance to articulate them towards the end of the questionnaire. Also, you are free to use the term 'date' loosely and to describe any prolonged interaction with a woman as you see fit. In a nutshell, it is my hope that through this questionnaire patterns of behaviour will be uncovered that will enable us to ascertain whether becoming more attractive to women is based on a set of learnable skills that have their grounding in evolutionary theory. What do you think?

Most people in my position tend to ask their fellow students to complete their questionnaires, however they would likely lack the insight that the members of this community will have. Indeed it would be particularly interesting and helpful to see how the nature of your interactions with women may have changed since becoming part of the community.
I have uploaded my questionnaire to the internet so that you can easily see what it is all about but it seems I'm unable to post the link until I have made 15 posts (a pity I can't remember my previous login details and had to create a new account). Anyway you can PM me for the link (if I'm allowed to send a link that way), or give me your e-mail address to send it to. It's a simple word document which is very easy to fill in (responses on scale from 1 to 5 etc) and if you could complete it and then e-mail it back to me then that would be absolutely great

Thank you so much for your help (you have no idea just how much I appreciate it),