here's the situation, going to make dinner with 2 girls i like, first im meeting one girl at her house befor we are leaving, so we will be alone for sometime, i like the other girl more then the girl i will be alone with but anyway.
how can i do something more with the girl im going to be alonewith? she let me sit in the bed lean my head on her and touch her inner thigh, i havent kissed her yet, i pussyed out when i really had the chans and she couldent say NO..

and if i will sleep in the same bed as one of them how shall i "try it then" ? like geting close to her and hold her "and were then" ? would be cool to get some advise how do go longer when we are in bed just to sleep but to change it to a more fun time. everyting will help and make me a mutch happyer V..
and hope some more guys get helpt my this.