Hi PUA friends,
Sometime we do not see the forest out of the trees. Openers, NEGs, ioi, dhv... these are just convenient tools of trade. But rarely we talk about and you can see it in all masters of this game:
Grow up! Be a man! Then everything, all the games come in place.
Often you can hear a question "when should I call her"
My answer: when you have time for that particular girl inside your busy schedule (make sure you have one), or to be precise, when its convenient for you to verify arrangements from time you set a time bridge.
What story to say? Ones from your life. So make some. Have friend that have nothing to do with PUA. Male Female, doesn't matter.
Go to vacation, see concert, go to museum, a rally race, whatever. Go to part of town you haven't been before.
Then build your stories around your experiences.
Im not saying that groups like this are no good. Exact opposite, but incorporate material from here into your experiences. Then you will be truly successful.

so in short:
fill your life with everything that has nothing to do with PUA (Friends, events, holidays, travels, books, art, science, hobby....
prepare your self. Its most important thing in your life (opener, stories, DHVs, Kino strategy....), leave no chance for disaster.
DO it (don't just theorize about it)
Be a man, and never blame others. Even if they do something stupid, its you who put yourself into position to be affected.
Get laid.