I was fresh out of a LTR where I changed into a beta male. Put her life before I put mine. I made the decision to break up with her. I knew where to look when I did; I had previously started looking up material prior to my LTR. There is tons of material of read through, but here is what I learned that has helped me make big improvements.

First, do not worry about Approach Anxiety we all know its there. Start with Inner Game. List all your great qualities. Self-love is critical; believe in yourself and that you offer great things. Imagine yourself in a room with beautiful women and being the engaging man you are capable of. Feel how you would feel doing it. You hear so much on body language and it is true. Shoulders back, chin up, wide stance and a smile goes a long way. Took me three days and it became permanent. One thing I read that stuck with me, ďI never get rejected, I find if they have good taste.Ē That was a great way to reframe my thought process. Change how you word sentences, add diction. For example, when asked How are you? Respond by saying your fantastic or another powerful word than Iím good. Words are powerful.

Do not think and feel how good it would be to talk to those girls then take action, take action then realize how good it feels. Go out and keep going out, nothing beats experience and repetition. Find a good wing man who will be candid about what he sees. There were nights were I didnít open a set or when I did I bailed after my opener, despite the group telegraphing interest. Then, every night I would work on a different part of my game. From opening to conversing to leading a group to giving compliments, etc. You will slowly build your confidence.

When it hit me I made great improvements I noticed it didnít matter what I said during the interaction, direct or indirect openers. It was I was confident and really knew how to have fun. I gave guys and women compliments on their nice selection of their shirt or hat, or they made a good decision on selecting them threads. I fit in with cowboys to rockers to ravers it did not matter what club or setting I went too. At first, it matter where I was comfortable or if the music was too loud I failed. With my confidence I picked up how to make sexual eye contact and subtle body touching movements. I felt comfortable introducing girls who I opened and kissed to other girls in the club I was gaming.

The thing I struggled with the most was having an agenda when I went out and telegraphing I was there to try to get laid. Girls pick up on this. Go out to have fun, but you are that confident sexual being. It just happens. There are still plenty of stuff I am working, constantly go out improving. Worry about the process not the result. Do not be bitter to anyone, you never know if they will have a hot girlfriend or potentially a big job opportunity. Understanding there is a balance with giving IOIís and IODís.
I would say the Mystery Method is ok as a starting out piece, but expand on it to areas that fit your personality and who you are. Learn how to converse I watched David Wygant, Gamblers good on body language, Sinnís good with finding a balance and being direct with your intentions, and learning how to be perceptive on what type of woman your talking to is something Iím keen on.

After my LTR I had maybe 3 or 4 friends I was social with. Five weeks later, tonight is my birthday and I am going out to dinner with 25 of my new friends for a big get together. It feels great, go out practice and live life. If anyone would like to know where I found some of the material that helped me I will be more than happy to show you were to search. Remember Life is freaking fantastic!