Greetings boys..

I was looking through a couple of PUA Forums... this one included... and I didn't see any posts what so ever about identity. Then I got to thinking about how many guys get into this game and quit before they get good.. and how low the success rate is.. if you'r one of the guys struggling in this game.. what do you think is holding you back??

What I am really curious to know is how many guys actually have a sense of identity and know who they are... are you able to answer the question "Who am I?"

If not then that could be a sticking point that you aren't even aware of. I want to encourage everyone to examine this area of their lives.

Once you have figured out who you are.. or more importantly how you project who you are.. you want to have a 30 second soundbite to be able to answer when someone asks "Who Are You?" .. and then an Accomplishment Introduction when someone asks your buddy "Who Is Your Friend?".

I also want to go ahead and use this thread as an opportunity for us to share our 30 second soundbites and our AI's with each other for examination and feedback.. so don't leave this page without leaving a post!

I'll start it off...

30 Sec Soundbite:
- I'm Instinct, I am a professional salesman by day, and then a DJ by night... and then sometimes I like to sleep

- I am going to introduce you to my friend Instinct
- He's a cool guy so don't embarrass me
- He's a DJ who usually does private gigs locally but sometimes out of state as well
- He's coming from Bosnia and Germany.. in the US now to make a name here
- Besides all that... he's so easy to get along with and really a people person
- So don't creep him out..